Seminar Room 2004

Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs 

Join us for a two-day intensive workshop where you will take away the knowledge and practical skills that are fundamental for designing adaptive clinical trials. You will get hands-on experience in applying cutting edge methods and numerical simulations using R and/or STATA. 

We are thrilled to welcome expert presenters from the University of Cambridge: James WasonAdrian ManderDavid Robertson and Newcastle University Michael Grayling. The Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR), University of Queensland is co-hosting this event and employees are eligible for discounted tickets. Select "ACTA Member/Centre for Health Services Research" when booking your place.

In this course we will give an overview of multiple testing issues and adaptive designs in trials. Participants will learn about a variety of new adaptive clinical trial designs, including multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS), umbrella studies and adaptive randomisation. As well as learning about how to design adaptive trials we will cover the implications of the design on the analysis and practical aspects of running the trial.

Throughout the course, real examples will be used to demonstrate the methodology. There will be a strong emphasis on learning how to use available software (in both R and Stata depending on the preference of the delegate) to implement the methodology in practice. The course is aimed at statisticians, although non-statisticians with strong quantitative experience would benefit from the course also.

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