Explore the opportunities to build new partnerships which involve your business in the creation of life-saving therapies to treat cancers, infectious diseases or other life-threatening or life-limiting conditions.

Commercialise a medical discovery

Learn how to take a medical discovery to market by contacting the technology commercialisation agents working with TRI researchers to see how you can work together. University of Queensland’s Uniquest and Queensland University of Technology’s QUT Bluebox can assist you to take your equipment, expertise or commercial discovery to market by connecting you with the right research teams.

Contact Uniquest Contact Bluebox 
+61(0)7 3365 4037
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+61 7 3138 9420
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Imagine the name of your business connected to the next big breakthrough in Australian medicine? Your business could sponsor a project by providing funding for an essential technology or a specialist facility. In exchange for your sponsorship, your logo will be included in correspondence related to the project or equipment, on our website, in our annual report and in some cases naming rights for laboratory space or company branding on related directional signage. 

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TRI offers researchers the opportunity to apply for Spore and Drive Grants. These Grant schemes encourage formation of multidisciplinary teams to address important clinical questions, in partnership with clinicians and industry/commercial collaborators. 

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Research teams regularly travel to deliver seminars or meet with other researchers both within Australia and globally. Your business could sponsor a related or goal driven research trip for a new or experienced researcher, gaining valuable brand exposure through presentation materials. News features will also be published on our website and distributed throughout our social media channels.

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An intern program between TRI and your business could see one of our researchers or clinicians joining your business or one of your staff members joining ours. Mutually beneficial internship programs can be structured to suit the learning and engagement goals of our organisations. You could offer commercial experience to one of our PhD students through an internship, mentoring relationship or full time job. Additionally, we can offer experience in a unique and innovative organisation to allow your business to benefit from the critical and creative thinking developed through an education in science.

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PhD students often seek their own grants in order to complete their research thesis which gives them the formal qualification to advance their career. Does your company offer a scholarship program where grant funds have been set aside for educational purposes? We can connect you with a potential candidate and will promote the scholarship throughout our online marketing channels. 

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