The Dermatology Research Centre was established in 2007, when Professor H. Peter Soyer from the Medical University of Graz, Austria, was appointed as the inaugural Chair in Dermatology for The University of Queensland, School of Medicine and as director of the Princess Alexandra Hospital Dermatology Department. From small beginnings the group has quickly proliferated to become the multi-disciplinary, dynamic team of 20 plus academics, clinicians, researchers and students that it is today.

With a strong focus on translational clinical research, the work implemented by the Dermatology Research Centre ranges from innovative research on improving trans-dermal drug delivery, diagnosis and image analysis for skin conditions, to advanced clinical research including pharmaceutical sponsored clinical trials, establishing registries for skin conditions, surveillance of skin lesions, and identifying genes associated with increased skin cancer risk.

The centre will undoubtedly continue to grow, instigating novel research concepts, expanding projects with collaborators across the globe, and continuing our dedication to training and mentoring higher degree students and supporting them in establishing their careers. 

Current research projects:

Key Researchers
Helmut Schaider
Peter Soyer
Rick Sturm
Tarl Prow
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Key Aims
  • Overall to continue our high quality work on multiple research projects and develop clinical applications to improve the outcomes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment for people with skin conditions.
  • Correlating which genes may be associated with an increased risk of skin cancer
  • Surveillance of pre-cancerous skin lesions over time to characterise the metamorphosis into skin cancer
  • Novel biopsy techniques for pain-free diagnosis and novel skin delivery technologies for enhanced drug delivery
  • Image recognition software to detect pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions
  • Developing a new model for drug resistance in melanoma