Australia's Translational Research Institute (TRI) brings together the intellectual capacity and medical expertise of two universities and two hospitals.  It is co-located with a biopharmaceutical manufacturer on the grounds of the PA Hospital. TRI works to translate scientific innovations into improvements in healthcare.

While we are all human, we are individuals. Our genetic makeup and lifestyles mean that no two people will develop, live with and die from exactly the same condition or disease.  Therefore, to be effective, the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of our conditions and diseases must be flexible.

The Benefits of Translational Research

  • Local investment and commercialisation of Australian medical breakthroughs
  • Shorter time to market of medical innovations to practical treatments and therapeutics
  • Long-term development for the Australian medical and innovation industries
  • Synergistic collaboration through disease-focussed global research networks of clinicians and researchers
  • Better health for the global community, courtesy of new medical treatments and therapeutics.


The TRI translational research model sees a distinctive role played by each member of a multi-disciplinary team that collectively agree on the clinical question, the goal and the required outcomes. The model addresses emerging research needs through the internationally accepted translational pathway from T1 to T5.  

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