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Immunology Seminar Series

The TRI Thursday Immunology Seminar series will feature exciting research updates from ongoing early-to-mid career Immunology researchers, covering basic to translational research topics in immunology and immunotherapy.

Please stay tuned for any updates about our fortnightly immunology series for 2017.

For general enquires regarding the TRI Thursday Immunology Seminar Series, please contact:

Dr. Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz and/or Dr. Kelvin (Zewen) Tuong

Date Speaker(s) Title(s)


Martine Boks (Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Dendritic cell subsets in recent-onset Type 1 Diabetes patients and relatives – possible roles and targets


Deepak Mittal (Smyth Lab, QIMR-Berghofer)

The role of Batf3 in cancer metastasis


Diahann Jansen (Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Jennifer Bridge (Wells Lab, UQDI)

MAIT cells in Rheumatoid arthritis

Uncovering novel regulators of CD8+ T cells in the skin



Lutz Krause (Krause Lab, UQDI)

Eduardo Albornoz (Woodruff Lab, SBMS)

Mining and visualizing microbiome and immunomics data using Calypso and Genomics Data Miner

The involvement of ASC in Parkinson’s Disease: Beyond an adaptor protein


Tom Schultz (Blumenthal Lab, UQDI)

Jen Simpson (Phipps Lab, SBMS)

Molecular Mechansims of RP105-dependent macrophage activation

Inhibition of necroptosis ameliorates the severity of Pneumovirus-associated bronchiolitis and the subsequent development of asthma in mice


Richard Gordon (SBMS, UQ)

Takumi Kobayashi (Mattarollo Lab, UQDI)

Targeting complement-mediated neuroinflammation and pathology in Parkinson's disease

Metabolic regulation of NK cells in B cell lymphoma


Jason Lynch (Phipps lab, SBMS)

Anne-Sophie Bergot (EHW & Thomas Labs, UQDI)

pDCs or microbial metabolites induce Sema4a-mediated Treg cell expansion to protect against severe viral bronchiolitis and subsequent asthma

ChgA-specific Liposome treatment of NOD mice prevents T1D progression


Frances Pearson (Radford Lab, Mater)

Thao Tran (Blumenthal Lab, UQDI)

Enhanced activation of human CD141+ and CD1c+ DC in vivo with combined TLR3 and TLR7/8 ligation

Target Wnt secretion to boost host defence against Listeria monocytogenes infection


Jessica He (Wells Lab, UQDI)

Hanno Nel (Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Development of an in vivo model to study the effects of monoclonal antibody treatment of squamous cell carcinoma.

Using peptide-MHC class II tetramers as a tool for assessing immune responses to tolerising antigen specific immunotherapy


No Seminars (Brisbane Immunology Group meeting 2017)


Rhiannon Werder (Phipps Lab, QIMR-Berghofer)

Ronan Kapetanovic (Sweet Lab, IMB)

PGD2-mediated DP1 and DP2 receptor activation regulate the severity of viral bronchiolitis by controlling the production of IFN-lambda

Targeting HDACs to enhance macrophage antimicrobial pathways as an anti-infective strategy


M Arifur Rahman (Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Irina Buckle (Hamilton-Williams Lab, UQDI)

The role of peripheral regulatory T cells in the predisposition to Spondyloarthritides (spA).

Antigen-specific liposomal immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes.


Oscar Haigh (Radford Lab, Mater)

Heidi Harjunpaa (Teng Lab, QIMR-Berghofer)

Development of human tumour antigen-specific T-cells in a humanised mouse model.

The effects of targeting both PD-1 and CD96 on tumor immunity, autoimmunity and immune homeostasis.


Bodie Curren (Phipps Lab, QIMR-Berghofer)

Ran Wang (Hasnain Lab, Mater)

The  impact of unhealthy maternal dietary patterns in establishing epithelial dysregulation in asthma.

Enteric microbiota shape the inflammatory  response in mice with intrinsic epithelial defect.


Tobias Bald (Smyth Lab, QIMR-Berghofer)

Jeremy Brooks (Steptoe Lab, UQDI)

Reactive neutrophil responses dependent on the receptor tyrosine kinase c-MET limit cancer immunotherapy.

Deletion and energy restraing antibody production by self-reactive B cells.


Camille Guillery (Symth Lab, QIMR-Berghofer)

Sahar Keshvari (McGuckin Lab, Mater-UQ)

Anti-CD137 mAb therapy for multiple myeloma.

Development of IL-22 based therapy in type 2 diabetes.


Special Cancer/Immunology Seminar:

Professor Tetsuo Akimoto (National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan)

Proton beam therapy: state-of-the-art technology to target cancer. Clinical outcomes and current status in Japan.


Kelvin Tuong (Frazer Lab, UQDI)

Understanding HPV16-associated immunosuppression using bulk and single-cell immune transcriptome profiling.


Jazmina Gonzalez (Wells Lab, UQDI)

Double positive T cells, more than a developmental stage.


Allie Lam (Mattarollo Lab, UQDI)

Targeted Nanoemulsion System for the Delivery of glycolipid and antigen to CD8a+ dendritic cells as a potential immunotherapeutic vaccine for cancer.


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