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Immunology Seminar Series

The TRI Thursday Immunology Seminar series will feature exciting research updates from ongoing early-to-mid career Immunology researchers, covering basic to translational research topics in immunology and immunotherapy.

Please stay tuned for any updates about our fortnightly immunology series for 2019.

For general enquires regarding the TRI Thursday Immunology Seminar Series, please contact:

Tommy Liu and/or Janin Chandra

Date Speaker(s) Title(s)
29/03/2018 Zhen Zeng (Wells Lab, UQDI)

Influence of IFNg and CXCR3 on anti-tumour CD8+ T-cells in the regression of SCC.


Rebecca Coll (Schroder Lab, IMB)

Dave Boucher (Schroder Lab, IMB)

Inflammasomes - Key molecules in inflammation and novel targets for the treatment of inflammatory diseases

Caspase-1 self-processing is an intrinsic mechanism regulating inflammasome signaling


Ran Wang (Hasnain Lab, Mater-UQ)

Sahar Keshvari (Hasnain Lab, Mater-UQ)

Targeting Nuclear Receptor ROR alpha in Treating Intestinal Inflammation

Development of IL-22 - Based therapy for Type 2 Diabetes


Anne-Sophie Bergot (Hamilton-Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Jeremy Brooks (Steptoe Lab, UQDI)

Islet-specific liposomes induced diabetes protection is dependent on islet-specific regulatory T cells reprogramming.

How to 'B' self-tolerant


Nazhifah Salim (Leggatt Lab, UQDI)

Allie Lam (Mattarollo Lab, UQDI)

Characterization of 4-1BB Immunomodulatory Molecule on Skin T cells in Non-melanoma Skin Cancer.

Driving tumour-specific responses using nanoemulsions delivering glycolipid and cognate antigen to Clec9A+CD8a+ DCs in mice


Eduardo Albornoz (Woodruff Lab, SBMS)

Paula Kuo (Frazer Lab, UQDI)

The inflammasome component ASC plays a pathological role in Parkinson Disease.

Effective migration of HPV16E7-expressing skin dendritic cells to the draining lymph node is dependent on HPV16E7-Rb interaction.


Kelly-Anne Masterman (Radford Lab, Mater-UQ)

Samuel Lukowski (Frazer/Coin Lab, IMB)

Harnessing CD141+ Dendritic Cells (DC) for immunotherapy

Identifying cell subpopulations and rare viral transcripts with single cell RNA-seq


Claudia Stocks (Sweet Lab, IMB)

Kaustav Das Gupta (Sweet Lab, IMB)

Zinc as a novel antimicrobial weapon of macrophages

HDAC7: one of the missing links in macrophage metabolism


Takumi Kobayashi (Mattarollo Lab, UQDI)

Metabolic regulation of NK cells in B cell lymphoma


Kelvin Tuong (Frazer Lab, UQDI)

Megan Soon (Haque Lab, QIMR-B)

Single-cell RNA-seq of antigen-presenting cells in HPV16 E7 oncoprotein expressing skin.

Lineage tracing of effector to memory transitions in CD4+ T cells using single-cell genomics


Aimee Hanson (Brown Lab, QUT)

An Immunosequencing approach to interrogating the T-cell Repertoire in Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients.


Ambika Murthy (Sweet Lab, IMB)

Meriem B Tan (Brown Lab, QUT)

Complexity of interactions between uro-pathogenic E.coli and the innate immune system



Yoke Lee (Radford Lab, Matter-UQ)

Tommy Liu (Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Whole blood human dendritic cell immunoprofiling in melanoma patients

Phenotyping dendritic cells in liposome based immunotherapy


Tom Schultz (Blumenthal Lab, UQDI)

Dan Kerage (Mattarollo, UQDI)

Molecular mechanisms of RP105-dependent macrophage activation

Pressing the accelerator: NKT-targeting vaccine and anti-4-1BB combination therapy  eradicates acute myeloid leukemia


Special Seminar: ASI Visiting Speaker

Professor Joel Ernst (UCSF)

The Immunological Challenges and Opportunities of Tuberculosis

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Irina Buckle (Hamilton-Williams Lab, UQDI)



Md Moniruzzaman (Hasnain Lab, Mater-UQ)

Meg Donovan (Blumenthal Lab, UQDI)

Interleukin-22: a potential therapy to control intestinal inflammation

Molecular drivers of mycobacteria-induced type 1 interferon responses


Ahmed Mehdi (Thomas Lab, UQDI)

Jessica He (Wells Lab, UQDI)

Improved prediction models of type-1 diabetes progression

Understanding the contribution of Tregs to squamous cell carcinoma establishment in UV-immunosuppressed hosts


Meihua Yu (Frazer lab, UQDI)

Jazmina L Gonzalez Cruz (Wells Lab, UQDI)

Development of Highly Immunogenic Minimalist Nanovaccines Against HPV-associated Cancers