Immunology Seminar Series

Immunology Seminar Series

Please note, more details about this event series are coming soon. The first session for 2016 will be on the 21st April. 

Date Presenters & Topics Location
21st April

Ritu Chakraborty (Frazer Laboratory, UQDI) - Understanding the adaptive immune response to sterile injury

Deepak Mittal (Smyth Laboratory, QIMRB) - Targeting the adenosine pathway in cancer metastasis

Room 2003
5th May

Soi Law (Thomas Laboratory, UQDI) - Profiling at the Single-Cell Level Reveals Evidence for Antigen-Driven Clonal Expansion of Citrullinated Vimentin-Specific CD4+ T Cells in Peripheral Blood of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patients

Jane Mullaney (Hamilton-Williams Laboratory, UQDI) - Faecal proteins to distinguish type I diabetes risk, and genetics determine the microbiome for NOD mice

Room 2003
19th May

Michael Nissen (Mattarollo Laboratory, UQDI) - The Effects of Chronic Psychological Stress on the Immune Response to Lymphoma

Sara McKee (Mattarollo Laboratory, UQDI) - Immunosuppressive monocytes in lymphoma

Room 2003
2nd June

Camille Guillerey (Smyth Laboratory, QIMR-B) - Therapeutic potential of anti-CD137 mAbs in Multiple Myeloma

Diahann Jansen (Thomas Laboratory, UQDI) - Collagen-specific CD4+ T cells in peripheral blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients

Room 2003
16th June

Paulo Martins (Hill Laboratory, QIMR-B) - GVHD precipitates CMV reactivation after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: lessons from the first preclinical model

Rhiannon Werder (Phipps Laboratory, SBMS) - Prostaglandin D2 contributes to the severity of Pneumoviral bronchiolitis

Andrea Henden (Hill Laboratory, QIMR-B) - "IL-28 is a cytoprotectant in bone marrow transplantation"

Room 2003
28th July

Bijun Zeng (Thomas Laboratory, UQDI) - Nanoemulsion targeting of protein antigen to dendritic cell receptor Clec9A for antigen-specific immunotherapy

Takumi Kobayashi (Mattarollo Laboratory, UQDI) - Metabolic regulation of natural killer cells in B cell lymphoma

Md Al Amin Sikdar (Phipps Laboratory, UQDI) - Changes in Microbial Colonization and their metabolites influence the onset of RSV Bronchiolitis and subsequent Asthma

Room 2003
Room 2003

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