Room 2003

Cancer Seminar Series

Join us for this interdisciplinary seminar series highlighting cutting edge clinical, translational, and basic research topics in cancer from our research partner institutes: UQ Diamantina, QUT and the Mater. Focussing primarily on communicating the findings of early-to-mid career researchers, new faculty members along with notable guest speakers, this seminar series serves as an important tool to promote discussion and collaboration.

Key Researchers
  • Dr Jatin Patel
  • Dr Jenni Gunter
  • Dr Mark Adams
  • Dr Yaowu He

Key Aims
  • Promote researchers
  • Encourage discussion 
  • Enable collaboration
  • Share techniques



Date Speakers Title
22/02/2018 Dr. Jatin Patel (UQDI) Endovascular progenitors initiate and drive de novo vascularisation in melanoma
Dr. Nathalie Bock (QUT) An in vitro bioengineered bone model to study the effects of androgen deprivation in the bone metastatic microenvironment of prostate cancer
08/03/2018 TBC TBC
Abdullah Al Emran (Dermatology Research Centre, UQDI) Commonly integrated epigenetic modifications of differentially expressed genes lead to acquired drug resistance in cancer
22/08/2018 Cancelled
05/04/2018 Prof. Amanda Spurdle (QIMR) Clinical classification of genetic variants: Research informing practice
19/04/2018 Prof. Nikolas Haass (UQDI) RAB27A promotes melanoma cell invasion and metastasis via regulation of pro-invasive exosomes
Farhana Matin (QUT) A plasma biomarker panel of four microRNAs for the diagnosis of prostate cancer
03/05/2018 Dr. Chris Slape (UQDI) EphA3: A new kind of oncogene
Dr. Mitchell Stark (Dermatology Research Centre, UQDI) Whole exome analysis of naevi reveals mechanisms for development and maintenance of benign neoplasms
17/05/2018 Dr. Rehan Villani (UQDI) Deciphering the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in basal cell carcinoma
Arutha Kulasinghe (QUT) Circulating tumour cells: the "leukemic" phase of solid cancers
Dr. Dubravka Skalamera (MRI) Using high-content time-lapse imaging to investigate effects of oncogenic mutations in melanocyte-keratinocyte-fibroblast interaction
14/06/2018 Dr. Abu Sina (AIBN, UQ) Interfacial Biosensing: A new avenue for sensing cancer biomarkers
28/06/2018 Dr. Kelly-Anne Masterman (MRI) Harnessing CD141+ Dendritic Cells (DC) for immunotherapy
12/07/2018 Dr. Tracy O'Mara (QIMR) TBC
26/07/2018 Cancelled due to TRI symposium
09/08/2018 Prof. Glen Boyle (QIMR) (TRI auditorium) Yin and Yang: Consequences of heterogeneous transcription factor expression in melanoma
23/08/2018 Dr. Samantha Stehbens (UQDI) Microtubule-Dependent Mechanosensing in Cell Migration and Cancer Invasion
06/09/2018 Dr. Julia Pagan (UQ School of Biomed. Sc.) Regulation of cellular pathways by SCF ubiquitin ligases
20/09/2018 Dr. Roberta Mazzieri Resetting the Tumour Microenvironment to Improve cancer Immunotherapy
Dr Jay Gunawardana Somatic IL4R Mutations in Primary Mediastinal B-cell Lymphoma
04/10/2018 Dr. Daniel Kerage (UQDI) TBC
18/10/2018 Dr. Shannon Joseph (UQDI) EGFR trafficking distribution, therapeutic outcomes and therapeutic potential
Heinz Hammerlindl (Dermatology Research Centre, UQDI) Characterisation of therapy induced cellular reprogramming identifies vulnerabilities during the development of drug resistance in BRAF mutant melanoma
15/11/2018 Joachim Torrano (Dermatology Research Centre, UQDI) The potential role of IFN-mediated H3K9me3 in therapy-induced reprogramming
Martin Sadowski (QUT) Lipid uptake fuels the fury of prostate cancer
29/11/2018   TBC




Date Speakers Topic
09/03/2017 Dr. Yaowu He (Mater) Functional importance of CDCP1 in colorectal cancer
Dr. Jatin Patel (UQDI) Defining the vascular stem cell niche for cancer and tissue regeneration
23/03/2017 Dr. Orla Gannon (UQDI) Are pathogens associated with breast cancer?
Phoebe Sarkar (APCRC-Q) Characterizing the role of insulin in advanced prostate cancer
06/04/2017 Dr. Pascal Duijf (UQDI) Pan-cancer analysis identifies novel features of chromosome arm-level somatic copy number aberrations
Chris Oh (IMB, UQ)  Epigenetic signalling of nuclear hormone receptor and cofactor in breast cancer
20/04/2017 TBC TBC
04/05/2017 Prof. Riccardo Dolcetti (UQDI) Personalized immunotherapy to overcome tumour heterogeneity
18/05/2107 Abdullah Emran (UQDI / Dermatology Research Centre) Distinct histone modifications define early drug resistance in cancer
Jana Panchadsaram (APCRC-Q) The role of 5p15 locus in prostate cancer risk and progression
01/06/2017 Dr. Kyle Upton (UQ School of Chemistry) Mobile genetic elements in epithelial cancers
15/06/2017 Dr. Samantha Stehbens (UQDI) Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 activating mutations Potentiate Migration and Invasion in Endometrial Cancer
Heinz Hammerlindl (UQDI / Dermatology Research Centre) H3K4me3 remodelling drives acquired BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma
29/06/2017 Kaylyn Tousignant (QUT) Enhanced lipid uptake: a novel target to fight the adaptive response to androgen-targeted therapies in prostate cancer
Thomas Keech (Mater) Bone marrow macrophages in acute myeloid leukaemia
13/07/2017 Sharon Del Vecchio (UQDI, PAH) and Dr. Aaron Urquhart (Diagnostic Imaging, TRI) Decoding the spectral fingerprint of kidney cancer
27/07/2017 Dr Honor Hugo (QUT) Insight into mammographic density from human breast tissue cultivated ex vivo
Dr Ati Taherian Fard (APCRC-Q) Temporal transcriptional dynamics of ZEB1-induced EMT in prostate cancer
10/08/2017 Dr. Andreas Moeller (Head of Tumour Microenvironment, QIMR Berghofer) Cancer-derived exosomes as new prognostic markers
24/08/2017 Dr. Stephen Mattarollo (UQDI) Neuro-immuno-metabolic interactions in the tumour microenvironment
Scott Lovell (Visiting scholar, QUT) Novel activity-based probes for the assessment of KLK activities in prostate cancer
07/09/2017 Prof. Stacey Edwards (QIMR) From GWAS to new drug targets for breast cancer
21/09/2017 Dr. Patricia Carreira Moreno (Mater) Selection of a tumour-specific L1 insertion in the STC1 gene after chemotrherapy in an ovarian cancer patient
Farzana Ahmed (UQDI) The role of MITF in melanoma tumour heterogeneity and drug resistance
05/10/2017 Dr. James Wells (UQDI) Rapamycin-induced reduction of de novo squamous cell carcinoma establishment - a role for CD8-T-cells?
19/10/2017 Dr. Shannon Joseph (UQDI) Reversing resistance to monoclonal antibody therapy in metastatic Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma and triple negative breast cancers - CESTEM trial update
02/11/2017 Prof. Shubha Chiplunkar (Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Navi Mumbai, India) Gamma delta T cells and cancer immunotherapy
Rayzel Fernandes (Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Labs, University of Adelaide) miR-194 regulates androgen receptor signalling in prostate cancer
16/11/2017 Dr. Abbas Shafiee (ihbi) TBC
22/11/2017 Special Cancer-Immunology seminar: International speaker Professor Tetsuo Akimoto (National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan) Proton beam therapy: state-of-the-art technology to target cancer. Clinical outcomes and current status in Japan
30/11/2017 Dr. Loredana Spoerri (UQDI) MITF regulates dynamic heterogeneity and structural integrity in melanoma



ate Speakers Topic
14/04/2016 Dr Peter Simpson Invasive lobular carcinoma – a special type of breast cancer
28/04/2016 Dr Graham Leggat Tissue-resident memory T cells in precancerous skin
  Shiv Hiriyur Nagaraj TBC
12/05/2016 Dr Stephen Matarollo Improving response to immunotherapy in blood cancers
  Dr Daniela Loessner Engineering of tumour microenvironments
26/05/2016 Dr Mitch Starck "Melanoma-microRNAs”: from novel disease biomarkers through to target gene identification and regulation.
9/06/2016 Dr James Wells Understanding the involvement of CD8 T-cells in the control of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
  Dr Yonghua Sheng MUC13 Protects Colorectal Cancer Cells from Death by Activating the NF-κB Pathway and Is a Potential Therapeutic Target
23/06/2016 Dr Aaron Smith External Speaker (SBMS)  Melanoma
7/07/2016 QUT Speaker TBC
  Mater Speaker TBC
21/07/2016 Dr Jatin Patel Defining the vascular stem cell niche for cancer and tissue regeneration
4/08/2016 Dr Lynn Fink Using the MLL Fusion Transcriptome for Diagnosis in Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
  Dr Eloise Dray Exploiting DNA repair defects in breast cancer
18/08/2016 John Price External Speaker: Victoria Uni
  Mater  TBC
29/09/2016 Dr Alok Shah TBC
  Thomas Kryza TBC
13/10/2016 Srividya Vaidyanathan TBC
  Vanessa Bonazzi TBC
27/10/2016 Dr Graeme Walker External Speaker (QIMR) : Melanoma
10/11/2016 TBC Mater
24/11/2016 TBC External Speaker
8/12/2016 Dr Loredana Spoerri Melanoma