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Cancer Seminar Series

Join us for this interdisciplinary seminar series highlighting cutting edge clinical, translational, and basic research topics in cancer from our research partner institutes: UQ Diamantina, QUT and the Mater. Focussing primarily on communicating the findings of early-to-mid career researchers, new faculty members along with notable guest speakers, this seminar series serves as an important tool to promote discussion and collaboration.

Key Researchers
  • Dr Katharina Noske
  • Dr Jenni Gunter
  • Dr Mark Adams
  • Dr Yaowu He

Key Aims
  • Promote researchers
  • Encourage discussion 
  • Enable collaboration
  • Share techniques

2017 Schedule

Date Speakers Topic
09/03/2017 Dr. Yaowu He (Mater) Functional importance of CDCP1 in colorectal cancer
Dr. Jatin Patel (UQDI) Defining the vascular stem cell niche for cancer and tissue regeneration
23/03/2017 Dr. Orla Gannon (UQDI) Are pathogens associated with breast cancer?
Phoebe Sarkar (APCRC-Q) Characterizing the role of insulin in advanced prostate cancer
06/04/2017 Dr. Pascal Duijf (UQDI) Pan-cancer analysis identifies novel features of chromosome arm-level somatic copy number aberrations
Chris Oh (IMB, UQ)  Epigenetic signalling of nuclear hormone receptor and cofactor in breast cancer
20/04/2017 TBC TBC
04/05/2017 Prof. Riccardo Dolcetti (UQDI) Personalized immunotherapy to overcome tumour heterogeneity
18/05/2107 Abdullah Emran (UQDI / Dermatology Research Centre) Distinct histone modifications define early drug resistance in cancer
Jana Panchadsaram (APCRC-Q) The role of 5p15 locus in prostate cancer risk and progression
01/06/2017 Dr. Kyle Upton (UQ School of Chemistry) Mobile genetic elements in epithelial cancers
15/06/2017 Dr. Samantha Stehbens (UQDI) Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 activating mutations Potentiate Migration and Invasion in Endometrial Cancer
Heinz Hammerlindl (UQDI / Dermatology Research Centre) H3K4me3 remodelling drives acquired BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma
29/06/2017 Kaylyn Tousignant (QUT) Enhanced lipid uptake: a novel target to fight the adaptive response to androgen-targeted therapies in prostate cancer
Thomas Keech (Mater) Bone marrow macrophages in acute myeloid leukaemia
13/07/2017 Sharon Del Vecchio (UQDI, PAH) and Dr. Aaron Urquhart (Diagnostic Imaging, TRI) Decoding the spectral fingerprint of kidney cancer
27/07/2017 Dr Honor Hugo (QUT) Insight into mammographic density from human breast tissue cultivated ex vivo
Dr Ati Taherian Fard (APCRC-Q) Temporal transcriptional dynamics of ZEB1-induced EMT in prostate cancer
10/08/2017 Dr. Andreas Moeller (Head of Tumour Microenvironment, QIMR Berghofer) Cancer-derived exosomes as new prognostic markers
24/08/2017 Dr. Stephen Mattarollo (UQDI) Neuro-immuno-metabolic interactions in the tumour microenvironment
Scott Lovell (Visiting scholar, QUT) Novel activity-based probes for the assessment of KLK activities in prostate cancer
07/09/2017 Prof. Stacey Edwards (QIMR) From GWAS to new drug targets for breast cancer
21/09/2017 Dr. Patricia Carreira Moreno (Mater) Selection of a tumour-specific L1 insertion in the STC1 gene after chemotrherapy in an ovarian cancer patient
Farzana Ahmed (UQDI) The role of MITF in melanoma tumour heterogeneity and drug resistance
05/10/2017 Dr. James Wells (UQDI) Rapamycin-induced reduction of de novo squamous cell carcinoma establishment - a role for CD8-T-cells?
19/10/2017 Dr. Shannon Joseph (UQDI) Reversing resistance to monoclonal antibody therapy in metastatic Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma and triple negative breast cancers - CESTEM trial update
02/11/2017 Prof. Shubha Chiplunkar (Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Navi Mumbai, India) Gamma delta T cells and cancer immunotherapy
Rayzel Fernandes (Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Labs, University of Adelaide) miR-194 regulates androgen receptor signalling in prostate cancer
16/11/2017 Dr. Abbas Shafiee (ihbi) TBC
22/11/2017 Special Cancer-Immunology seminar: International speaker Professor Tetsuo Akimoto (National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan) Proton beam therapy: state-of-the-art technology to target cancer. Clinical outcomes and current status in Japan
30/11/2017 Dr. Loredana Spoerri (UQDI) TBC


2016 Schedule archive

Date Speakers Topic
14/04/2016 Dr Peter Simpson Invasive lobular carcinoma – a special type of breast cancer
28/04/2016 Dr Graham Leggat Tissue-resident memory T cells in precancerous skin
  Shiv Hiriyur Nagaraj TBC
12/05/2016 Dr Stephen Matarollo Improving response to immunotherapy in blood cancers
  Dr Daniela Loessner Engineering of tumour microenvironments
26/05/2016 Dr Mitch Starck "Melanoma-microRNAs”: from novel disease biomarkers through to target gene identification and regulation.
9/06/2016 Dr James Wells Understanding the involvement of CD8 T-cells in the control of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
  Dr Yonghua Sheng MUC13 Protects Colorectal Cancer Cells from Death by Activating the NF-κB Pathway and Is a Potential Therapeutic Target
23/06/2016 Dr Aaron Smith External Speaker (SBMS)  Melanoma
7/07/2016 QUT Speaker TBC
  Mater Speaker TBC
21/07/2016 Dr Jatin Patel Defining the vascular stem cell niche for cancer and tissue regeneration
4/08/2016 Dr Lynn Fink Using the MLL Fusion Transcriptome for Diagnosis in Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
  Dr Eloise Dray Exploiting DNA repair defects in breast cancer
18/08/2016 John Price External Speaker: Victoria Uni
  Mater  TBC
29/09/2016 Dr Alok Shah TBC
  Thomas Kryza TBC
13/10/2016 Srividya Vaidyanathan TBC
  Vanessa Bonazzi TBC
27/10/2016 Dr Graeme Walker External Speaker (QIMR) : Melanoma
10/11/2016 TBC Mater
24/11/2016 TBC External Speaker
8/12/2016 Dr Loredana Spoerri Melanoma

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