Level 7 Lounge

Trade Displays and Morning Teas

As of the 16th of March, 2020, TRI has decided to postpone Trade Displays to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.

See below for a list of vendors who were scheduled to host a display, please contact them if you had enquiries regarding their products.

The below list will be updated when Trade Displays recommence.

Date Company Contact Details Flyer
5th February



GE Health

Amy Argyros

[email protected]

Diane Finley

[email protected]

>Click to Download Bio-Strategy & GE Health's Flyer

12th February

Rigby Labs



Ian Rees

[email protected]

Jason Vecchio

[email protected]

>Click to Download Rigby Labs' Flyer

>Click to Download Labgear's Flyer

19th February

Meridian Life Science



Niraj Bende

[email protected]

Martine Smale

[email protected]

>Click to Download Meridian Life Science's Flyer

>Click to Download Transnetyx's Flyer

26th February



Jomar Life Research

Anesh Mohapatra

[email protected]

Saba Farnaghi

[email protected]

>Click to Download Sarstedt's Flyer

>Click to Download Jomar Life Research's Flyer

4th March




Morgan Donaghy

[email protected]

Details coming soon

>Click to Download Lonza's Flyer

11th March




James Sundholm

[email protected]

Ben Corey

[email protected]

>Click to Download BioTools' Flyer

>Click to Download BOC's Flyer

18th March



World Courier

Idris Mohammed

[email protected]

Kim Alexander

[email protected]

>Click to Download Scientifix's Flyer

>Click to Download World Courier's Flyer

25th March

Miltenyi Biotec



Hong Sheng Ong

[email protected]

Ryan Kafoure

[email protected]

>Click to Download Miltenyi Biotec's Flyer

>Click to Download Marken's Flyer

1st April Interpath

Rebecca Bartzis

[email protected]

>Click to Download Interpath's Flyer
8th April Microanalytix

Michelle Wilson

[email protected]

>Click to Download Microanalytix's Flyer
15th April Pathtech

Joanne Ford

[email protected]

>Click to Download Pathtech's Flyer
22nd April Life Technologies

Louise McDonald

[email protected]

>Click to Download Life Technologies' Flyer
29th April Labtek

Aleksandra Trpkovski

[email protected]

>Click to Download Labtek's Flyer
6th May Genesearch

Damara McAndrew

[email protected]

>Click to Download Genesearch's Flyer
13th May Pall

Luke Newcombe

[email protected]

>Click to Download Pall's Flyer
20th May Eppendorf

Kerry Anderson

[email protected]

>Click to Download Eppendorf's Flyer
27th May MP Biomedicals

Jose Burgos

[email protected]

>Click to Download MP Biomedicals' Flyer
3rd June Trendbio

Jaimie Mulders

[email protected]

>Click to Download Trendbio's Flyer
10th June In Vitro

Rocio Jimenez-Martinez

[email protected]

>Click to Download In Vitro's Flyer
17th June QIAGEN

Hilda Troskie

[email protected]

>Click to Download QIAGEN's Flyer
24th June Integrated Sciences

Jenny Cassady

[email protected]

>Click to Download Integrated Sciences' Flyer
1st July BGI Australia

Shan Hu

shanhu[email protected]

>Click to Download BGI Australia's Flyer
8th July Livingstone International

Carl Yan

[email protected]

>Click to Download Livingstone International's Flyer
15th July LabCabs

Tracey Ellis

[email protected]

>Click to Download LabCabs' Flyer
22nd July Bio-Rad

Hamid Maroof

[email protected]

>Click to Download Bio-Rad's Flyer
29th July Australian Biosearch

Deborah Flores

[email protected]

>Click to Download Australian Biosearch's Flyer
5th August Merck

Christelle Capini

[email protected]

>Click to Download Merck's Flyer
12th August Ekka Show Day

Brisbane Public Holiday

No Trade Display this week

19th August DKSH

Susan Anderson

[email protected]

>Click to Download DKSH's Flyer
26th August Pacific Laboratory Products

Kelly-Anne Packer

[email protected]

>Click to Download Pacific Laboratory Products' Flyer
2nd September Whiteley

Malcolm McLean

[email protected]

>Click to Download Whiteley's Flyer
9th September Andi-Co

Andrew O'Brien

[email protected]

>Click to Download Andi-Co's Flyer
16th September Rowe Scientific

Andrew Lowry

[email protected]

>Click to Download Rowe Scientific's Flyer
23rd September Genscript

Andrea Liang

[email protected]

>Click to Download Genscript's Flyer
30th September Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sean Poh

[email protected]

>Click to Download Thermo Fisher's Flyer
7th October TBC

Details coming soon

14th October John Morris

Kim Nguyen

[email protected]

>Click to Download John Morris' Flyer
21st October ONBoard Solutions

Eren Argun

[email protected]

>Click to Download ONBoard Solutions' Flyer

For any queries regarding trade displays at TRI, please contact Adam Heterick: [email protected]



>Click to Download Pacific Laboratory Products' Flyer