Level 7 Lounge

Trade Displays and Morning Teas

Every week we offer a commercial company the opportunity to present their products in an exclusive trade display in the Level 7 lunch room. The displays showcase the latest equipment while offering the opportunity to ask questions one on one with the supplier.


Trade Displays now need to run in a covid-safe manner; this means that how we do things will be a little different.

  • All bookings are subject to change, based upon local lockdowns, restrictions and border closures.
  • Hand sanitiser is to be provided for attendees.
  • Social distancing of 1.5m must be maintained when queueing and browsing displays.
  • Attendees are encouraged to wear masks if they feel the need to do so.
Date Company Contact Details Flyer
12th May


Niraj Bende

[email protected]

>Click to Download BioLine's flyer

19th May


Caiyan Wu

[email protected]

>Click to Download Corning's Flyer

26th May


Martine Smale

[email protected]

>Click to Download Transnetyx's Flyer

2nd June


James Sundholm

[email protected]

>Click to Download BioTools' Flyer

9th June

Integrated Sciences

Jenny Cassady

[email protected]

>Click to Download Integrated Sciences' Flyer

16th June


Rocio Martinez-Jimenez

[email protected]

>Click to Download InVitro's Flyer

23rd June

Pacific Laboratories

Kelly-Anne Packer

[email protected]

>Click to Download Pacific Laboratories' Flyer

30th June


Amy Argyros

[email protected]

>Click to Download BioStrategy's Flyer

7th July LabGear

Jason Vecchio

[email protected]

>Click to Download LabGear's Flyer
14th July Marken

Ryan Kafoure

[email protected]

>Click to Download Marken's Flyer
21st July Pall

Luke Newcombe

[email protected]

>Click to Download Pall's Flyer
28th July Andi-Co

Jess Brisbane

[email protected]

>Click to Download Andi-Co's Flyer
4th August QIAGEN

Hilda Troskie

[email protected]

>Click to Download QIAGEN's Flyer
11th August Ekka Show Day

Brisbane Public Holiday

No Trade Display this week

18th August Cytiva

Diane Finley

[email protected]

>Click to Download Cytiva's Flyer
25th August Miltenyi Biotec

Ash Giddam

[email protected]

>Click to Download Miltenyi Biotec' Flyer
1st September New England Biolabs

Jenny Brown

[email protected]

>Click to Download NEB's Flyer
8th September Life Technologies

Louise McDonald

[email protected]

>Click to Download Life Technologies' Flyer
15th September Genesearch

Damara McAndrew

[email protected]

>Click to Download Genesearch's Flyer
22nd September Merck

Christelle Capini

[email protected]

>Click to Download Merck's Flyer
29th September Whiteley

Malcolm McLean

[email protected]

>Click to Download Whiteley's Flyer
6th October Scientifix

Idris Mohammed

[email protected]

>Click to Download Scientifix's Flyer
13th October Sartorios

Ali Abdelghany

[email protected]

>Click to Download Sartorios' Flyer
20th October Eppendorf

Kerry Anderson

[email protected]

>Click to Download Eppendorf's Flyer
27th October Sarstedt

Anesh Mohapatra

[email protected]

>Click to Download Sarstedts Flyer
3rd November Thermo Fisher

Sean Poh

[email protected]

>Click to Download Thermo Fisher's Flyer
10th November Genscript

Boon Hwa Tay

[email protected]

>Click to Download Genscript's Flyer
17th November Millenium

Karen McRae-Johns

[email protected]

>Click to Download Millenium's Flyer
24th November Bio-Rad

Hamid Maroof

[email protected]

>Click to Download Bio-Rad's Flyer

For any queries regarding trade displays at TRI, please contact Adam Heterick: [email protected]



>Click to Download Pacific Laboratory Products' Flyer