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Study reveals how COVID-19 damages the heart

TRI-based University of Queensland researchers have discovered how COVID-19 damages the heart, opening the door to future treatments. 

This initial study – featuring a small cohort – found COVID-19 damaged the DNA in cardiac tissue, which wasn’t detected in influenza samples.

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Could there soon be a nasal spray to help prevent COVID infection? 

The possibility of a mouthwash or nasal spray to prevent or reduce the spread of the COVID-19 infections and its variants is being investigated by TRI-based QUT scientists Professor Rik Thompson and Professor Derek Richard, as well as Griffith University and Xiamen University in China. 

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New therapies turning off energy for prostate cancer cells 

QUT-Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Queensland (APCRC-Q) researchers based at TRI are developing new drugs to shut down the energy pathways essential to prostate cancer cell's survival. 

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An Australian-first initiative of 'bench to bedside' medical research

The Translational Research Institute (TRI) is a unique, Australian-first initiative of ‘bench to bedside’ medical research. TRI combines clinical and translational research to advance progress from laboratory discovery to application in the community.

The work conducted at TRI is translational research, a research process which involves teams of patients, clinicians and researchers working together to solve health challenges faster. The work is driven by the needs of patients, a question formed by a clinician and a solution sought by a scientist.

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What is Translational Research?

Also known as 'bench-to-bedside' research, it is a type of medical research that focusses on 'translating' basic science discoveries from the laboratory into the clinic.

The aim is to improve how we detect, diagnose and treat health conditions, and improve health outcomes for patients.

At TRI, we work to develop new treatments and diagnostics for conditions ranging from various cancers to autoimmune diseases, and translate these discoveries into improved healthcare.

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