The Australian Centre for Complex Integrated Surgical Solutions (ACCISS) brings together surgical expertise and clinically applied digital innovations to solve complicated surgical cases.

Our Services

  • Printing of
    3D models

  • Virtual Surgical

  • Software

  • Clinical

It can be difficult for clinicians to access and utilise new and emerging technology. ACCISS helps by identifying relevant technology for a given clinical problem and assembling expertise to evaluate how to work towards a solution.

Our services include the use of virtual surgical planning, three-dimensional printing for reference biomodels or surgical guides, or augmented reality or robotics. In addition to this ACCISS can create the technology and find the solution.


  • Industry

    ACCISS engages a number of companies working in medical technology to directly discuss complex surgical cases.

  • Clinician

    ACCISS mobilises the expertise in Integrated Surgical Planning for complex cases and provides technology-based surgical planning support.

  • Research

    ACCISS has commenced clinical trials for reconstruction of long segment bone defects and for breast  reconstruction.

  • Education

    Clinically Applied Digital Innovations brought to you by ACCISS team present to Surgical Grand rounds at Qld Childrens Hospital & PAH.

    Design and manufacture of 3D models for education on renal disease and transplantation for indigenous communities in Qld.

    Design and manufacture of high-fidelity airway training models for Anaesthetists and Critical care specialists.

    Design of models for hand and face for fracture fixation for Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Our team

  • Dr. Michael Wagels Director of ACCISS

  • Prof. David Thiele TRI | ACCISS Patron

  • Jeremy KeeversClinically Applied Digital
    Innovation (CADI) Technician

  • Denise Quaile ACCISS
    Program Coordinator

  • DR. Allison SutherlandClinical Business Manager

  • Case Studies
  • Tibia

    Under the leadership of Dr Wagels, ACCISS was established after the success of his world-first surgery in which Dr Wagels implanted Reuben Lichter with a 3D printed shinbone to reconstruct his leg after Reuben developed a bone infection that destroyed 36 centimetres of his right tibia in 2017. The infection would normally result in an above-the-knee amputation instead, he undertook experimental world-first surgery to implant a 3D-printed bone into his right leg. Two years on from the surgery, Mr Lichter is still defying the odds and has made a remarkable recovery and can now finally walk again.

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  • Skull

    ACCISS helped Brodie Ellis overcome the problem of an infected skull implant with a pioneering world-first skull reconstruction, Brodie was involved in an horrific motorcycle accident over two years ago. Using the same biodegradable 3D printed implant and surgical techniques similar to the tibial replacement case; the ACCISS team in partnership with Osteopore, rebuilt Brodie's skull in a way that will ultimately regenerate new living bone.

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  • Pectus

    The world-first 3D printed chest reconstruction implant. ACCISS was involved in extensive planning to design and additively biomanufacture the implant with the support of clinicians at Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Translational Research Institute. The implant corrected a birth deffect called funnel or sunken chest whereby the ribs and sternum grow inwards giving a concave appearance. An important part of the surgery was injecting the scaffold with the patient’s own fat at the time of implant insertion to commence the reconstruction/ regeneration of the highly porous scaffold with more than 90 per cent of her own tissue.

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ACCISS invites all clinicians to share complex clinical problems. ACCISS will then facilitate to assemble the expertise and source the appropriate technology to work towards a solution.

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