The Translation Pathways Program is one of TRI’s flagship educational offerings. Working in partnership with Bright Arena and CSIRO’s ON Program, TRI offers training workshops, Translation Fellowships and ad hoc coaching.

With impact at its core, this program helps researchers identify and develop their value propositions and supports new collaborations and increased access to non-traditional funding sources. TRI’s goal is to foster research impact and ultimately to fast-track the journey from discovery to bedside.

This program complements the commercialisation training and services provided by our partners’ technology transfer offices.

Training workshops

Activity About Eligibility

Workshop I: Research Communication Training (90 mins)

Date:  5 March 2024
Time: 9:00am – 10:30am
Location: TRI Seminar Rm 2004

This workshop is designed to give researchers an understanding of how to effectively communicate their research and its potential impact.

This workshop open researchers at any stage of their career who want to improve their ability to communicate their research.

Places available: 30

Workshop II: Harnessing social media – building a research profile (90 mins)

Date:  16 May 2024
Time: 9:00am – 10:30am
Location: TRI Seminar Rm 2004

Learn how to harness social media to build your research career.

This workshop open researchers at any stage of their career who want to improve their ability to communicate their research. 

Places available: 30

Workshop III: Research to Value

Date:  18 April 2024
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm (followed by networking)
Location: TRI Seminar Rm 2004

Cost: $0

CSIRO’s ‘Research to Value’ is designed to help researchers maximise the impact of their work by developing practical industry engagement skills. It teaches participants how to bridge the ‘valley of death’ and focus on solving problems external organisations care about. Industry engagement can help researchers develop funding independence, research autonomy and a sustainable career pathway.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Shifting impact focus to helping solve real problems for real people
  • Exploring multiple paths of industry engagement to offer solutions and create value
  • Gaining an appreciation of the system-level drivers of research engagement and impact
  • Improving clarity and confidence around research communication
  • Finding new funding pathways and programs

The workshop is part of the ON Program, which is a federally-funded initiative designed to help Australian researchers think creatively about new impact pathways. The Research to Value Workshop is open to publicly funded researchers, research leaders and tech transfer professionals.

Researchers employed by a university, from any discipline, at any stage.

Places available: 50

Register by 12 April 2024: Registrations not open yet.

Please note, attendance for this workshop is in-person, it will not be available online or recorded.

Translation Fellowship - a future leader's program

Key details About Eligibility

Fellowship value:  $18,000

Fellowship duration: 1 year

Applications open:
Monday 5 February 2024

Applications close:
Friday 23 February 2024

Fellows Announced:
March 2024

To apply please fill in the attached form and email it to: [email protected]

TRI is offering 4 Translation Fellowships to provide high-impact support and training to further develop future research leaders at TRI.

The Fellowship provides:

  • Six months 1:1 translation coaching to further a translational project 
  • Up to $2000 to attend a training program
  • Automatic acceptance into Translational Pathways and consumer training workshops.
  • Mid-career researcher (up to 17 years post PhD being granted allowing for career interruption) based at TRI (at least 20% time spent at TRI), and 
  • Metro South Health, Children's Health Queensland and Mater early to mid-career clinicians (17 years post undergraduate clinical qualification e.g., MBBS, BN),

Translation Lead -- professional translation support

Accessing this service About Eligibility

To access this service, please fill in this short form and email: [email protected]

This service provides ad hoc professional support, at no cost, to TRI-based researchers progress translational research.

Best suited to mid-career researchers or Group Leaders at TRI seeking alternative options for funding and to progress the translation of a project.


TRI recommends: Other training programs

There are many external programs available to TRI-based researchers via their universities, government, venture capital organisations and private organisations.

Organisation Program Details
Discovery research


Academic publishing: Play by the rules [webinar] »

Planning and presenting persuasive research [webinar] »

Entrepreneurial skills


UQ Ventures Pop-up workshops »

  • Design thinking workshop
  • The business of you workshop
  • Business model design workshop
  • Pitching and storytelling workshop
  • Agile project management workshop


Entrepreneurship »

Understand the basics of becoming and being an entrepreneur. Discover the nature of entrepreneurship, who entrepreneurs are, how to take advantage of an opportunity.

Intellectual Property 

IP Australia

Understanding IP »

Detailed information on types of intellectual property and its protection.


IP & Commercialisation training (free) »

Work through our free IP and commercialisation training modules, created for university researchers, staff and students.

Valuing intellectual property »

Lectures on technology valuation methods and techniques and on technology-based company valuation.

Research commercialisation


Research Commercialisation Workshop »

Two-day, free workshop providing an overview of IP, research commercialisation and engaging with industry.

Industry Connect Program »

Align pipeline technologies with a company’s need/interest.


Demystifying intellectual property »

Bust the myths surrounding intellectual property and copyright. Shed light on a researcher’s rights, responsibilities, and opportunities, and get equipped with a toolkit for managing your research.

Why engage with industry during your research degree? »

Engaging with industry is essential for building your networks and putting your real-world skills to work. Get an overview of industry engagement offerings at QUT, and find out why you should jump at the next opportunity.

Bridge Program »

3-day symposium to equip researchers and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and networks to enable the successful commercialisation of new pharmaceuticals.

UQ Ventures

See the Ventures website for the latest programs on offer.

UQ- ilab
(see also UQ Ventures)

ilab Accelerator »

Runs for six-months each year and offers a $10,000 equity-free grant to each team. The program also includes workshops, mentoring, an Entrepreneur in Residence, partner deals, desk space and introductions to investors. 

Life Sciences Queensland

Life Sciences Catalyst »

Provides start-ups & SMEs with opportunities at all stages of the innovation spectrum and aims to create a unique roadmap with a customised solution for each new idea.