TRIC - Tri's clinical research facility at The Queensland children's hospital

Located on the Queensland Children's Hospital campus and within the CCHR building, this purpose-built facility provides a welcoming environment for research volunteers who participate in leading-edge research into healthcare improvement and life saving treatments.


  • 30 Open plan desks
  • 24 Shared desk space (4 desks)
  • 4 Telephone Booths
  • 1 Calm Room
  • 5 Small Interview Rooms
  • 4 Laboratory (4 bench)
  • 9 Medium Consult Rooms
  • 2 Observation Room (2 beds)
  • 4 Large Consult/Testing Rooms


TRIC is designed to support low risk outpatient based studies in babies, children and adolescents.

Services offered include assistance with:

  • Biological sample collection and processing
  • Participant/patient vital sign measures and other tests /observations
  • Participant recruitment services for community-based populations


Low risk clinical research studies that can be accommodated in the TRIC include: Healthy Volunteer, Qualitative, Quantitative, Epidemiological, Comparator, Observational, Phase III and Phase IV.

For further Information, contact the Clinical Research Nurse Manager at [email protected].