What is [email protected] 

An initiative of TRI, Brisbane's Translational Research Institute, Translational Manufacturing at TRI ([email protected]) will serve as Australia's first purpose built biomedical translational manufacturing facility that will enable start-up companies to move to the scale up stage. 

Construction on the facility - which will be built next to TRI, the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and Patheon by Thermo Fisher Scientifics clinical and commercial manufacturing facility in Brisbane - is now a reality with up to $60 million in funding from the Queensland Government announced in June and a $20 million investment from TRI. 

While Southeast Queensland is home to an internationally competitive biomedical research sector, at present, the region lacks the infrastructure to manufacture new drugs, therapies and vaccines at a sufficient scale for pivotal clinical trials, and ultimately, to support commercial MedTech industries. 

[email protected] will support early-stage companies that are developing new therapeutics - including vaccines, biologics, cell therapies and devices - by providing high-tech manufacturing suitable for clinical trials. [email protected] will deliver end-to-end commercial biomanufacturing capability, from early-stage validation and scale-up of new products for clinical trials, through to scalable commercial production and distribution to the Australian and international markets. As such, it will allow MedTech startups to grow, scale up and remain in Australia. 

[email protected] will provide the flexibility to rapidly adapt to emerging diseases and to the requirements for developing new therapies. It will also deliver the capability to rapidly scale-up manufacturing capacity in response to national and international demand or challenges to international supply chains. In doing so, it will give Queensland sovereign manufacturing capabilities to produce its own vaccines and therapeutics in the event of another pandemic. 

Register an Expression of Interest here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7D8ZDJF.