The Translational Research Institute (TRI) welcomes and values all feedback so that we can continually improve our services and deliver the highest quality in everything we do.

We encourage a positive and collaborative organisational culture that responds to concerns in a receptive and constructive manner, and in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice. In doing so, the TRI has developed various policies, which are regularly reviewed to ensure best practices, and to provide you with the best possible support.

Please find links to TRI policy documents on the right, and links to resources and industry groups at the bottom of this page. 


Resolving issues

We aim to assist in, and encourage, the resolution of issues at the lowest level and as quickly as possible, and our officers can help you to identify appropriate alternative avenues for your issue to support those principles.

- It is advised that, in the first instance, concerns are respectfully discussed with the parties involved to seek a resolution.

- If your issue can't be resolved directly with the involved parties, we recommend that the matter is discussed with your supervisor, department lead or the human resources officer. The matter may be escalated to the CEO or COO for further investigation. 

- If you are still not satisfied with the situation, there are a series of external resources which can guide you to a resolution. 

Please review the policy documents above to ask questions or seek information and assistance with TRI workplace issues. 

External resources

If our internal procedures do not resolve your question, concern or complaint, there are other external pathways which can assist you. While we encourage you to try to resolve your issues with us directly, you can refer to an external agency at any time. The following agencies may be able to help you with some guidance and support.

Safe Work Australia
You can contact SWA to discuss matters related to workplace health and safety, workers compensation and rights related to your safety at work. 
> Safe Work Australia website

Australian Productivity Commission
The APC provides independent advice to Governent on economic, social and environmental issues affecting the welfare of Australians. 
> APC website 

Comcare Australia
The Comcare website features resources, contact details and process for managing workplace health and safety or reporting breaches. 
> Comcare website

Fair Work Ombudsman
You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman who investigates complaints or suspected contraventions of workplace laws, awards and agreements. 
Fair Work Australia website

The Anti-Discrimination Board of QLD
You can contact the Anti-Discrimination Board of QLD  which deals with issues related to discrimination. 
Anti Discrimination Board website

QLD Civil and Adminstrative Tribunal (QCAT)
You can contact the QLD Civil and Administrative Tribunal which investigates issues in relation to professional misconduct and commercial disputes.
QCAT Website

Information and Privacy Commission (IPC)
You can contact the Information Privacy Commission which can review a decision by the University in relation to access to information.
IPC Website