Obesity & Cardiovascular Health

Obesity is a major global health problem fuelling the development of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. 

Groups at TRI undertaking obesity and cardiovascular health research include:

  • UQ-DI and PA Hospital Professor Michael Stowasser is undertaking clinical and genetic research into secondary forms of hypertension (high blood pressure). Read more
  • UQ-DI's Dr Moe Thuzar is investigating the regulation and metabolic significance of human brown adipose tissue, which - unlike ordinary fat - generates heat by burning calories. Dr Thuzar is also researching the influence of the mineralcorticoid system on cardiovascular endocrinology, and its interaction with other systems.  
  • QUT Professor Selena Bartlett is investigating sugar addiction. With obesity rates on the rise worldwide and excess sugar consumption considered a direct contributor, the search has been on for treatments to reverse the trend. Prof Bartlett's group has published results to show that drugs used to treat nicotine addiction could be used to treat sugar addiction in animals. Read more
  • UQ Professor David Evans is leading research into the genetic determinants of infant birthweightand their relationship to offspring cardometabolic risk. Read more

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Key Researchers
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Michael Stowasser
Moe Thuzar
Selena Bartlett
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