Consumer and Community Involvement @ TRI

TRI's Consumer Involvement & Engagement Program is focused on strengthening relationships between TRI and our greater community.

At TRI, we believe in the value of integrating health consumers' lived experiences, perspectives, and feedback - to help shape health research. 


TRI invites consumers and community members who are interested in having an active role in the health research process to get in touch.

We are looking to have conversations with consumers of health services and to build long-lasting partnerships. 

Connecting consumers with TRI scientists will help advance world-leading research.

   Contact: [email protected]        


                          Who is a consumer of health research?                                  

                    > Someone with a lived experience of an illness and health services                             > Carers (family and friends who provide care)                                                                  > Members of committees / groups who represent consumers                                      > Members of community organisations                                                                            > Members of the community who want to improve health outcomes.                                                            


                       How consumers can be involved?                                             

                   >  Provide perspective on specific research/projects                                                        >  Provide perspective on the translation of research into healthcare                           >  Participate in discussions and group meetings                                                              >  Review documents and project applications                                                                  >  Be a consumer investigator on projects.                                                                  


How do clinicians and researchers benefit from the Consumer Involvement program? 

                  >  Directly using consumers' lived experiences in developing their vital                            health research                                                                                                                    >  Cultivating connections with consumers for improving healthcare                                outcomes through research.                                                                                  


    Coming soon                          

               > News on upcoming workshops and events                                                            > Resources for consumers and researchers.                                                       



For more information, please contact the TRI Research & Clinical Translation Manager: [email protected]

Download CCI Involvement Flyer