Medical Grand Rounds

Please note that the Medical Grand Rounds are currently available via Microsoft Teams. 

Medical Grand Rounds are held every Monday, with every 4th session held in the TRI auditorium and remaining sessions held at the Russell Strong Auditorium at the PA Hospital. It is highly recommended that translational researchers attend these sessions to learn about the processes and challenges of clinicians in a hospital environment. Sessions start at 12:15pm with a light lunch served prior at 12 noon.

Date Chair Presenter Location
29 June  A/Prof David Mudge  'A real headache in COVID times - an ED Case' - Dr Sean Lawrence, Emergency Medicine   Click to view in Microsoft Teams 
22 June  Prof John Upham 'Lessons from a new surfer' presented by Dr Yee Leng Loh and Dr Susan Urquhart, Spinal Injuries  Click to view on Microsoft Teams
8 June Dr Pieter Jansen 'After Black Summer: Imagining our Human Future' Dr Arnagretta Hunter Click to view on Microsoft Teams 
25 May A/Prof Ian Scott 'Cutting Edge Techniques in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy' - Dr Michael Huo - Radiation Oncology  Click to view on Microsoft Teams
Cancelled 30 March  Prof Ruth Hubbard  ‘The role of gut functions in the treatment of obesity and opportunities to personalise the strategy’ – Prof Michael Camilleri (Mayo Clinic, Rochester), Gastroenterology Russell Strong Auditorium, PA Hospital 
16 March A/Prof Ian Scott 

‘Ethics and Law for patients with impaired decision making capacity: The role of the Office of the Public Guardian and the implications of guardianship laws for health practitioners’ - Clinical Ethics; Dr Jenny Jones & Ms Claire Kenny

Russell Strong Auditorium, PA Hospital 
9 March  A/Prof David Mudge   ‘Acute Kidney Injury’ – Dr Julian Yaxley, Nephrology Russell Strong Auditorium, PA Hospital
2 March A/Prof Paul Varghese ‘Overview of Sepsis’ – Dr Gordon Laurie, Intensive Care Russell Strong Auditorium, PA Hospital 
10 February Dr Claire Ellender Prof Ruth Hubbard: 'How UQ can support Clinicans in Teaching and Research' Russell Strong Auditorium, PA Hospital 

2019 Medical Grand Rounds Archive 

Date Chair Presenter 1 Presenter 2 Location
25 November  A/Prof Ian Scott Dr Irene Doo & Dr Ben Gunawan - Palliative Care; "There's a Methadone to our Madness: The Use of Methadone in Palliative Care" Dr Cheryn Palmer & Dr Liz Catchpoole - Sexual Health; "Syphilis" Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
18 November A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr Katharine Foster & Dr Daniel Schuster - Immunology; "When Gout Gives you a DRESS-ing down" Dr Ferris Satyraputra - Infectios Diseases; "Zombie Infection in Immunocompromised Patients" Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
11 November  Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Su Mien Yeoh - General Medicine 2; 'Clinical Handover and Communication - More than Words' Dr Nay Oo - General Medicine 4 ; 'A Complex Case of Pyrexia of Unknown Origin' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
4 November  A/Prof David Looke Dr John O'Callaghan and Dr Bonnie Law -Liaison Psychiatry; 'Rabbit Warrens and Cul De Sacs'  Dr Shalan Padaychee & Zena Hume -Liaison Psychiatry; 'Rabbit Warrens and Cul De Sacs'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
28 October Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Helen Benham - Rheumatology; 'Women in Medical Leadership' Dr Amgad Said - General Medicine 1; 'Finding the needle in a haystack' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
21 October  A/Prof David Mudge Dr Michael Kerr - Acute Pain Service; 'Needles, naloxone, and naught pharma. Multimodal analgesia in the opoid crisis' Dr Gregory Polkinghorne - Clinical Pharmacology; 'Problems with lyrics' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
14 October Dr Philip Aitken Dr Melisa Hamidon- Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit Dr Lisa Hayes & Dr Faseeha Peer - Diabetes/Endocrinology; 'Combined Endocrine Genetics Clinic - audit and interesting cases' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
30 September A/Prof David Looke Dr Heshini de Silva - BIRU; 'Community re-integration following Autoimmune Encephalitis: The BIRU experience' Dr Keith Harris - Toxicology; 'Physostigmine - back to the future' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
23 September A/Prof David Mudge Dr Claire Ellender - 'Calling all opinions for 2020 changes to grand rounds' Dr Chinthaka Samaranayake & Dr Brett Duce - 'New directions in respiratory care of neuromuscular patients' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
16 September A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr Anthony Makridakis - General Medicine 3; 'Requests for (Medically) Inappropriate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation' Prof Kenneth O'Byrne - Medical Oncology; 'Lung Cancer: A paradigm for precision medicine in oncology' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
9 September A/Prof Ian Scott Dr Danusha Dealwis - GARU; 'When just a NOF is not enough?' Dr Xenia Caney - Peri-Op Medicine; 'The Long Road Home - medical aspects of trauma' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
2 September Prof Ruth Hubbard Prof Kenneth Rockwood and Prof Susan Howlett - Geriatric Medicine; 'Translational Research in Ageing' TRI Auditorium
26 August A/Prof David Mudge Dr John Hill - Cardiology; 'Integrated Strategy - ILR and PFO in Cryptogenic Stroke' Prof Michael Stowasser - Hypertension; 'Keeping it in the family: a new genetic form of hypertension' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
19 August A/Prof David Looke Dr Che-Yung (Jeff) Chao and A/Prof Graeme Macdonald - Gastroenterology; 'Integrated Care Clinic Model' Dr Joseph Kluver - Persistent Pain; 'Post amputation pain' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
12 August Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Robert Bird & Dr Fiona Swain - Haematology; 'How to approach thrombocytopenia' Dr Casey Khoo - MAPU; 'Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations : the role of MAPU and HITH' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
5 August A/Prof Ian Scott  A/Prof Graeme Macdonald - Telehealth; 'Tele-mentoring to optimise care and amplify clinical presence in Correctional Centres' Dr Rick Walker - Youth Cancer Service; 'Youth Cancer in Adult Services' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
22 July A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr Phillip Kay - Emergency Medicine; 'Topic to be advised' TRI Auditorium
15 July A/Prof David Mudge Dr Candice Holland - Public Health; 'Global resurgence of a vaccine preventable disease: How measles look in Queensland and Metro South in 2019' Dr Erin McMeniman - Dermatology; 'Challenging Interdisciplinary Cases from Dermatology' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
8 July A/Prof David Looke Dr Magid Fahim - Nephrology; 'The BEST Fluids for Kidney Transplantation' Dr Chris Joyce - Intensive Care; 'Development of an ECMO retrieval service in QLD' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
1 July A/Prof Ian Scott Mr Rodney Neale (introductions by Dr Gerard Connors) - VTE Working Party; 'VTE Working Party Overview' Dr Leyton Miller - ieMR Care Delivery Team; 'The new digital ARP and advance care planning update' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
24 June A/Prof Ian Scott Dr Heshini deSilva - Spinal Injuries; 'The complexities of non-traumatic spinal cord injury' Dr Darshan Shah - Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit; 'Thrombolysis in 2019! Where from here?' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
17 June A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr Nay Oo - General Medicine - 4; 'An unusual case of cognitive decline' Dr Katherine Isoardi - Toxicology; 'Why taipans make hopeless pets... and other updates on snake-bite management' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
10 June  A/Prof David Mudge Prof Ruth Hubbard - Research Forum; 'Research Funding Opportunities for Clinicians'  Judith Coombes & Nazanin Falconer - Pharmacy; 'Collaborative Pharmacy Research' TRI Auditorium
3 June A/Prof David Looke Dr Su Mien Yeoh - General Medicine 2; 'An unexpected, challending problem before Christmas' Dr Jo Rotherham - Acute Pain Service; 'Cancer Pain' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
27 May Professor Ruth Hubbard Dr Kendal Redmond - Radiology/Nuclear Medicine; 'Imaging in Vasculitis' Professor Ken O'Byrne - Oncology; 'Curing Lung Cancer'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
20 May A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr David Siebert – Sexual Health; ‘Navigating drug-drug interactions in hepatitis C’ Dr Christopher Kwan – General Medicine 3; ‘Case Study of Anti MDA5-Associated Dermatomyositis Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
13 May A/Prof Ian Scott Dr Ben Gunawan - Palliative Care; 'First, do no harm: Voluntary Assisted Dying in Queensland?" Dr Shalandran Padayachee – Liaison Psychiatry; ‘Diagnostic dilemmas in the serious self-harm patient’ Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
29 April A/Prof David Mudge Dr Dharampal Anand – General Medicine 5; ‘Assessing the Shades of Grey’ Prof Kiarash Khosrotehrani – Dermatology; ‘Managing the burden of keratinocyte cancers in transplant recipients Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
15 April Prof Ruth Hubbard Prof Maher Gandhi - Haematology; 'Aussie Cars and Refractory Lymphoma' Dr Laura Clarke - Neurology; 'Should we or shouldn't we order the test?' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
8 April A/Prof David Looke Ms Jess McMaster Dietitian - Gastronenterology and Hepatology; Neither Fork (diet) nor knife (surgery) to address a weighty problem. The perspective through an endoscope' TRI Auditorium
1 April A/Prof Ian Scott Dr Emily Brooks - Diabetes/Endocrine; 'Insulins: the long and the short of it?' Prof Ruth Hubbard, Dr Emily Gordon, Dr Rob Eley & Prof David Johnson - PA Southside Clinical Unit, UQ; 'Research Higher Degrees for Clinicians' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
25 March Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Anthony Camuglia - Cardiology Dr Peter Simos - General Medicine; 'A case of bad skin rash; what is the cause?' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
18 March A/Prof David Mudge Prof Ian Whyte - Clinical Pharmacology; 'From caveman to Shipman - Poisoners through the afes: A history of homicidal poisoning' Dr Sean Lawrence - Emergency Medicine Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
11 March A/Prof Ian Scott
Dr Kendal Redmond – Radiology/Nuclear Medicine; ‘Imaging in Vasculitis’

Prof Eleanor Milligan – Clinical Ethics; ‘Knowing-doing-being-becoming: The professionalism paradox in medical education’
Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
4 March  A/Prof Paul Varghese Evolution of radiotherapy – Introducing SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy) for pancreatic cancer’ – Dr Dominique Lee ‘Practice-defining research in the management of head and neck cancer’ – Prof Sandro Porceddu ‘The use of new technology to improve cardiovascular outcomes in women with breast cancer’ - A/Prof Margot Lehman TRI Auditorium
25 February 2019 A/Prof David Looke
Dr Samuel Moore – Respiratory; ‘Glands and Breathing’

Dr Malcolm Wilson – Sleep Medicine; ‘Glands and Sleeping’
Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
11 February 2019 A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr Matthew Grigg – Intensive Care; ‘Flip ‘Em: Proning for Severe Respiratory Failure’ Dr Markian Choptiany & Dr Naomi Runnegar – Infectious Diseases; ‘It’s a Zoo out there!’ Russell Strong Auditorium PAH

2018 Medical Grand Rounds Archive

Date Chair Presenter 1 Presenter 2 Location
26 November Dr David Looke  Dr Greg Hapgood – Haematology;‘Lymphoma: past, present and future’ Dr Lawrence Huang & Dr Gerard Connors – Vascular Medicine; ‘Venous Thrombosis: Pearls and Pitfalls' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
19 November Dr David Looke  Dr Mark Deuble – Palliative Care ;‘Palliative Medicine – Memories,  Reflections and the Future’ Dr Thomas Beaton – Immunology; ‘A novel mutation causing Stat3 loss-of function’ Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
12 November  A/Prof Ian Scott Prof Len Gray - Introduction of inSPIRe and interRAI research intensive; PhD Students & Post-Docs – Global Research initiatives Dr Nigal Millar – interRAI; ‘Implementing a comprehensive health care record across New Zealand’ TRI Auditorium 
5 November A/Prof Paul Varghese A/Prof Ian Scott – General Medicine 4; ‘Using genetic testing to predict disease risk – how useful is it?’ Dr Siobhan Boyle & Dr Dariusz Korczyk  – Cardiology; ‘When the heart grows thick..’ Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
29 October  Dr David Mudge  Dr Abishek Tumma - General Medicine 3; 'Curious Case of Fever' Dr Margaret Kay- Medical Workforce; 'Understanding My Health - a Qualitative Study of Doctors' Wellbeing' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
22 October  A/Prof Ruth Hubbard  Lesley Smith & Dr Nicola Warren - Mental Health; 'Clozapine: 'Both a Cure and a Curse" Dr Caroline Tallis - Gastroenterology; 'Heading towards hepatitis C eradication' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
15 October A/Prof Paul Varghese Dr Nicole Leather - General Medicine 2; 'An unusual case of altered consciousness' Dr Xenia Caney - Peri-op Medicine: 'When the Stakes are High' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
8 October Dr Ian Scott Dr Mahdod Eftekar - Liaison Psychiatry; 'Conversion Disorder - a case-based discussion'  Dr Keith Harris - Toxicology; 'Massive SR paracetamol overdose' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
24 September Dr David Looke Dr Fiona Chan - Neurology; 'Low dose Rituximab in the treatment of Myasthenia Gravis' Dr Euan Walpole - Medical Oncology; 'Treatment at end of life in lung and pancreas cancer and quality dashboards for cancer care'  Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
17 September Dr David Mudge Dr Naomi Watson - Respiratory' 'Cryobiopsy - a new way of looking at the lungs' Dr Sebastian Le Feurve - Sleep Medicine; 'Night Moves' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
10 September 2018 A/Prof Paul Varghese

Dr Markian Choptiany - Sexual Health;

'S - T - EYEs'

Dr Kelly Dungey - BIRU;

'Two tales in one city: Anoxic Brain Injury'

Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
3 September 2018  A/Prof Ruth Hubbard 

Dr Jack Lockett - Diabetes/Endocrine; 

'One man's trash is another man's treasure - urea in the treatment of hyponatraemia' 

Stroke Team - Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit; 'Lets celebrate HASU 'first anniversary'

TRI Auditorium 
20 August A/Prof Paul Varghese  Dr Howard Liu - Radiation Oncology; '2 cases of spinal cord compression' Dr Michael Stowasser - Hypertension; 'Validation of the Seated Saline Suppression Test for the Diagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism'  Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
13 August Dr David Mudge Dr Chris Joyce - Intensive Care; 'Massive pulmonary embolism' Dr Peter Moran - Anaesthetics; 'Concealed haemorrhage - its detection and management'  Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
6 August A/Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Joann Rotherham - Acute Pain Service; 'Medical Marijuana - Fake News?' Dr Sudipta Sinnya & Dr Conrad Morze - Dermatology; 'Recent advances in the understanding and treatment of Atopic Dermatitis and Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria'  Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
23 July Dr David Looke  12:15pm-12:45pm: Dr Nicole Hancock - MAPU; 'A journey of discovery for the new kid on the block'   Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
16 July Dr Ian Scott Dr Jerisha Ellerstrand & Dr Kari Jarvinen - Public Health; 'What's the big deal about notifiable conditions? and Partnerships in management of lyssaviirus exposures through ED' Dr Stanley Ngai - Nuclear Medicine; 'Updates in Nuclear Medicine and PET (and MRI)' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
9 July  Dr Paul Varghese

Dr Helen Benham - Rheumatology; 'Telerheumatology - Is it acceptable to our patients? 

TRI Auditorium 
2 July Dr David Mudge Dr Luke Aaron - Infectious Diseases; 'Vancomycin prescribing at PAH: opportunities for improvement' Dr Sarah Thang - General Medicine 1; 'Two cases of acute hypercalcemia, how different?'

Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH

25 June Dr David Looke  12:15pm: Dr Navid Hamedani - Chronic Pain Service; 'The role of multidisciplinary approach in chronic pain management' 

12:45pm: Dr Jugdeep Dhesi - GARU; 'Perioperative medicine for older people - where are we now?'

Russell Strong Auditorium 
18 June A/Prof Ruth Hubbard 12:15pm: Dr Kelly Dungey - Spinal Injuries; 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' 12:45pm: Dr Ian Scott - General Medicine 4; 'Man vs machine - the role of machine learning in clinical practice' 

Russell Strong Auditorium PAH

11 June 2018 Dr David Looke  Dr Darshan Shah - Hyper Acute Stroke Unit; 'Power of (Re)perfusion' Dr Katherine Isoardi - Toxicology 'Acute Bone Marrow Suppression and Gastrointestinal Toxicity following acute oral Methotrexate Overdose'  Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
4 June 2018 A/Prof Paul Varghese Prof Len Gray, Dr Anish Menon (Telehealth), A/Prof Ruth Hubbard (Ageing and Geriatric Medicine) & Dr Menaan Palamuthusingam (Kidney Medicine) 'Transforming research into practice: UQ Centre for Health Services Research Showcase'  TRI Auditorium 
28 May 2018 Dr David Mudge 12:15pm: Dr Masoud Taffakh - General Medicine 2; 'Weighty Heart Issues in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus' 12:45pm: Dr Helen Benham & Dr Matthew Terrill - Rheumatology; 'Biologic Warfare in RA' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
21 May 2018 Dr Ian Scott 12.15pm: Dr Thomas Beaton- Immunology 'Hypereosinophilia and Cardiac Disease' 12.45pm: Prof Ken O'Byrne - Oncology : 'What we have learnt from immune - oncology' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
14 May 2018 Dr Ian Scott 12:15pm: Dr Phyu Hlaing - Clinical Pharamacology 'A killer in the cabinet' 12:45pm: Dr Nicola Warren, Dr Vanessa Grote & CNC Jenny Taite -  Liaison Psychiatry; 'Eating disorder but not as we know it (semantics, language and culture) Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
23 April 2018 A/Prof Ruth Hubbard  12:15pm: Prof Elizabeth Reymond & Dr Leyton Miller - Palliative Care; 'An Audit of Advanced Care Planning in Metro South Hospitals' 12:45pm: Dr Arjun Gandhi - General Medicine 3; 'Clinical Conundrums' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
23 April 2018 Dr Paul Varghese 12:15pm: Dr Joann Rotherham - Acute Pain Service; 'Opiate Stewardship - What is it and why we need it'  12:45pm: Dr Erin McMeniman - Dermatology; 'Update on risk factors for melanoma, the role of genotype and the future of melanoma screening' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
16 April  Dr David Mudge 12:15pm: Dr Jennifer Thoreau (Case) Dr Paul Garrahy (Data) - Cardiology 'Current treatment and outcomes for Acute myocardial infarction @ PAH Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
9 April Dr David Looke 12:15pm: Dr Cancdice Holland - Infectious disease; ‘It’s all in your head’ 12:45pm: Dr Laura Clarke & Lisa Gillinder - Neurology; ‘Seizure Management Protocol Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
26 March A/Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Akhil Gupta - Diabetes/Endocrine; 'What is the cause of that low salt?' Dr Xenia Caney - Peri-Op Medicine; 'We don't like surprises: Neuromuscular disorders in the perioperative medicine' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
19 March Dr Ian Scott Dr Jill Parkes-Smith (Sexual Health) & Dr Andrew Lee (Gastroenterology) present 'A Fatal Duo'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
12 March Dr Paul Varghese Dr Trevor Watkins, - Radiology; 'Imaging the deceased'  Dr Jenny Jones & Dr Michael Wagels - Clinical Ethics; 'Behind the scenes of PAH's 3D printed tibia implant: Clinical Ethics considerations'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
5 March  Dr David Mudge 12:15pm-1:15pm: Professor Bala Venkatesh - Intensive Care 'ADRENAL Trial The story from NHMRC to NEJM'  TRI Auditorium 
26 Feb Dr David Looke 12:15pm: Dr Clair Sullivan, Dr Anthony Russell and Dr Geoffrey Playford - Digital Hospital; 'Medical informatics at PAH'  12:45pm: Dr Sean Lawrence - Emergency Medicine, 'Error Wisdom'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
19 Feb A/Prof Ruth Hubbard

12:15pm: Dr Malcolm Wilson  - Respiratroy; 'Waiting for the Flu'

12:45pm: Dr Sebastian Le Feuvre - Sleep Medicine; 'When breathing through the mouth is better'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
5 Feb 2018 Dr Paul Varghese

12:15pm: A/Prof Ruth Hubbard, Joeanne Cignoli and Prof Len Gray. PA-Southside Clinical Unit; 'Information on professional development for teaching clinicians'

In this special Medical Grand Rounds Information Session, benefits of the event will be introduced to the audience. 

12:45pm: Dr Peter Wood and Dr Claire Robinson - Haematology; 'Too much fo a good thing?' TRI Aud