Medical Grand Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds are held every Monday, with every 4th session held in the TRI auditorium and remaining sessions held at the Russell Strong Auditorium at the PA Hospital. It is highly recommended that translational researchers attend these sessions to learn about the processes and challenges of clinicians in a hospital environment. Sessions start at 12:15pm with a light lunch served prior at 12 noon.

Date Chair Presenter 1 Presenter 1 Location

11 September 2017

Dr Ian Scott

12:15pm: Dr Ferris Satyaputra – Sexual Health; ‘Changes in the oncology of HIV’

12:45pm: Dr Ryan Bell, Dr Jose Mari Jiao & Dr Rachael Nunan – BIRU; ‘Forgetting to Remember –   Hypoglycaemic Encephalopathy’

Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH

18 September 2017

Chair: Dr Paul Varghese

12:15pm: Dr Justine Gibson – Respiratory; ‘TB challenges in 2017’

12:45pm: Dr Tim Edwards – Sleep Medicine; ‘Sleep apnoea downstream effects – cardiovascular   killer or overrated?

Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH

25 September 2017

Dr Lisa Kelly

12:15pm: Dr Kyle White – Peri-Op Medicine; ‘Angiotensin Axis Blockade during the Perioperative   Period’

12:45pm: Dr Padmini Thanayankeezhil & A/Prof Victoria Atkinson – Oncology; ‘Ground-breaking   advances in the adjuvant treatment for advanced melanoma; but at what cost?’

Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH

2 October 2017   No seminar due to Public Holiday    
9 October 2017 A/Prof Ruth Hubbard 12:15 – 1.15 pm: Dr Mark Wallace (Liaison Psychiatry) and Dr Mark Deuble (Palliative Care); ‘Case Study of Self Harm – Psychiatric and Palliative Care Perspectives’ Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
16 October 2017 Dr David Mudge  12:15pm: A/Prof Luke Hourigan – Gastroenterology; ‘Endoscopic management of Barrett’s dysplasia and early adenocarcinoma’
12:45pm: Dr Alexander Lehn and Dr Andrew Swayne – Neurology; ‘Functional Neurological Disorders…and what you can do to help’
Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
23 October 2017 Dr David Mudge  12:15pm: Sophie Alexander and Dr Devinder Gill – Pharmacy; ‘New and emerging treatments in CLL   – ibrutinib: a pain in the chest?’ 12:45pm: Carolyn Canfield – Planetree; ‘Person-Centred Care’ Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
30 October 2017 Dr Paul Varghese

12:15pm: Dr Masoud Taffakh – General Medicine; ‘When things don’t gel…’

12:45pm: Dr Michael Lane – Immunology; ‘an unusual presentation’

Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
6 November 2017 Dr Ian Scott 12:15pm: Dr Darshan Shah - Hyperacute Stroke Unit 'Hyperacute stroke treament - Then to Now' TRI Auditorium
13 November 2017 A/Prof Ruth Hubbard 12:15pm: Dr Katherine lsoardi -Toxicology; 'Massive Paracetamol Overdose: no longer One Size Fits All' 12:45pm: Dr Benjamin Sly-Diabetes/Endocrine; 'Bariatric surgery in the public system:access and aftercare' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
20 November 2017 Dr David Looke 12:15pm: Dr Amrita Prasad - Chronic Pain Service; 'Special K in Chronic Pain' 12:45pm: Dr Ian Scott - General Medicine; 'Generating and using evidence to inform clinical practice - still a bridge too far?' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
27 November 2017 Dr David Mudge  12:15pm: Dr Peter Pillans - Clinical Pharmacology; 'Pharmacogenomics at PAH' 12:45pm: Dr Andrew McCann - Vascular Medicine Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH