tri preclinical imaging facility

The Preclinical Imaging Facility supports translational and basic research programs by providing users access to a variety of high-end in vivo and ex vivo imaging instruments. Located within the TRI's Biological Resources Facility (BRF), a specific pathogen-free PC2 facility, researchers can utilise multiple imaging modalities in a single longitudinal study. High resolution imaging of clinical samples or other materials is also possible on some equipment.

Our staff provide comprehensive hands-on training on image acquisition and data analysis, and expert advice on experimental design, project development, grant and animal ethics applications. High performance computer workstations are provided for image processing and analysis of large data files. Our staff are always happy to work in a collaborative manner and assist researchers however they can. 

Access to equipment is available on a fee-for-use basis in an effort to offset some of the total operating costs for the facility.



Imaging modalities available:

Imaging Modality  Equipment 
Micro-positron emission tomography and computed tomography (microPET-CT) Molecubes β-Cube and
X-Cube (µPET-CT)
Ultra-high resolution micro-computed tomography (microCT) Lions Australia Bruker Skyscan 1272
Stereotactic irradiation (image-guided radiotherapy) Xstrahl Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)
High-frequency ultrasound Visualsonics Vevo 2100
Photoacoustic/optoacoustic imaging Visualsonics Vevo LAZR
Optical (bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cerenkov) Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Bruker Minispec LF50H
Planar X-ray Faxitron Ultrafocus 100
Gamma counting Perkin Elmer 2480 Wizard

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