the tri preclinical imaging facility

The TRI Preclinical Imaging facility aims to provide users with the instrumentation and expertise to undertake in vivo imaging, in live small animals. It also provides capabilities for high performance imaging of fixed samples.

The facility houses state of the art preclinical imaging equipment including:

  • Siemens Inveon Multimodal PET-CT scanner
  • IVIS Spectrum optical imaging station
  • Faxitron UltraFocus 100 high resolution cabinet X-ray system
  • Visualsonics Vevo LAZR Ultrasound and Photoacoustic imaging system

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High performance computer workstations are available for 3D image analysis of PET-CT data with the Siemen’s IRW software and a range of open source software. The facility provides researchers with the training and knowledge to efficiently generate high quality, reproducible images and to independently perform image analysis and quantification.

The facility is available to both internal and external users. 
Please contact [email protected] for all enquiries.

The Preclinical Imaging facility is partner in the Therapeutic Innovation Australia – Queensland Node. The mission of the TIA-QLD Node is to provide a facilitated pathway to assist Australian life sciences discovery researchers to progress their inventions through the various nonclinical & clinical development steps to the point where they will attract investment for commercialization into products for improving human health.

For more information please visit the Therapeutic Innovation Website.