Dr Alina Zamoshnikova

MSc, PhD

Research Assistant


About me

Since undergraduate studies, my interest has been in the field if immunology and inflammation. My BSc and MSc research projects focussed on cell signalling in the adaptive immune system. My PhD was in the field of innate immunity / inflammation and focussed on inflammasome regulation. After completing my PhD at the UQ Institute for Molecular Bioscience, I joined the Infection & Inflammation group at UQDI as a postdoc and later changed to a research assistant position. I made this decision to move from an academic to a professional role because I enjoy the technical, hands-on component of research more than the academic, project-driving component. I enjoy being involved in multiple different projects within the group, using and sharing a wide variety of biochemistry and cell biology skills that I have, training and supporting students in their Honours and PhD projects, and ensuring that the lab is well supplied and organised and is running smoothly. 

Outside of research, I practice and teach yoga and meditation and enjoy photography. I have been teaching yoga and meditation classes at TRI in 2017-2019. I am also one of the organisers of the monthly Board Game night at TRI that is open to everyone and runs on the last Friday of the month in level 7 staff area.