Mindfulness Training 

30 min sessions at 12pm on six consecutive Tuesdays starting 5th of March.

Free of charge, drop-ins welcome, no special clothing required.

In these 6 sessions we will explore what mindfulness is and how it can help us reclaim our time, our energy, and our sense of balance. Mindfulness isn’t something esoteric but simply our ability to pay attention to what we are doing, thinking, and feeling in the moment. Mindfulness isn’t something we create, since the ability to pay attention is inherent in the mind. It is, however, something that can be trained, like a muscle. I like to think of mindfulness practice as brain gym. Done regularly, it optimises the way our brain (and therefore, our life) works and helps us create healthy mind habits.

We will look at time-efficient ways of incorporating mindfulness into our busy life without having to carve out chunks of time for it, e.g. mindful eating, mindful tea breaks, mindful listening, mindful exercising. We will also look at unhelpful thought patterns, and at how to recognise our emotions before they drive our behaviour. We will touch on self-compassion as an antidote to anxiety. There will also be space for discussing your specific questions.

No prior meditation experience required. Everyone welcome.