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ICT services aim to complement TRI research and business requirements.  TRI and its partner institutes access separate IT systems and support staff, however many centralised ICT services exist and are available to various teams and all staff. To learn more about the services provided by TRI and partner IT, browse the section below.


TRI and its partner institutes access separate IT systems and support staff, however many centralised ICT services exist and are available to various teams and all staff.

This support includes:

  • Maintenance of the centralised authenitcation system, with partner ICT teams maintaining the users.
  • Central file serving (such as the T: drive), for use across other Core Facilities.
  • Organisation wide high performance printers.
  • A High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster with 35 compute nodes and one large (4TB) memory node.
  • Maintenance of a Data Centre for use by all partners.

As well as supporting other TRI and partner teams through:

  • Central request tracking available for deployment to Core Facilities and other in-house facilities.
  • Maintenance of infrastructure to offer systems such as:
    • The TRI Learning Centre.
    • The PPMS Core Facility Booking system.
  • Maintenance of Firewalls and other ICT security systems.

Additionally, TRI ICT liases with upstream service providers to maintain:

  • Wired and wireless networks.
  • JDE Enterprise and Resource Planning system.
  • Telephony and Teleconferencing systems.
  • Email services. 


In the first instance, please contact your institute IT support as most systems are managed directly. TRI will then interface with your IT team to find the best solution.

T  07 3163 6800
E  [email protected]

T 1800 198 175
[email protected]

T  07 3138 4000

T 07 3365 6000
E:  [email protected]

T   07 344 37070 
W  TRI Internal Ticketing System
E  [email protected]

TRI High Performance Computing (HPC) 

TRI offers an HPC Facility for all research staff to be used for research projects currently undertaken at TRI.

For any queries, please contact [email protected]

wifi & internet access at tri

Event WiFi

If you're hosting an event, contact [email protected] for details about getting your own WIFI account created to promote to your guests.

Guest WiFi

Available from reception for your short term guests.


The Eduroam wireless network is available at TRI. For instructions and assistance on how to connect to eduroam, visit or reach out to your institute’s IT support group.

Phone, voicemail & Video Conferencing

Some information about phones can be provided to you via this section. If you are having difficulties using your phone that aren't addressed at the link below, you can contact your partner IT in the first instance for more details.

> Click here for more information about TRI's phones

> UQ Video conferencing information


For details on how to use the printers at TRI or setup up the printers from your own device, please refer to the TRI Printer Handbook. (TRI-200-147).


For details on how to reset your password, please refer to TRI Fact Sheet - Resetting your Password  (TRI-200-152).

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