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Flow Cytometry is a powerful tool that assists researchers to analyse cells primarily through surface markers, but also intracellular, and secreted markers.  The cell sorters allow researchers the opportunity to isolate populations of cells for cell culture, or further experimentation.  The target audience is not restricted to cell biologists and immunologists.

The Flow Cytometry Core through its user group, attempts to provide researchers with the opportunity to access a wide variety of analysers that can best optimise their experimental protocol.

In addition, the Flow Cytometry Core offers high speed cell sorting into tubes (up to 6 populations at once) and plates.


The TRI.fcs (TRI Flow Cytometry Suite) houses 11 flow cytometry analysers (including an imaging flow cytometer), a haematology analyser/cell counter, 3 droplet-based cell sorters, and an AutoMACS Pro Separator in rooms 4027/4027A. A suite of 8 workstations in room 4008 are available for the analysis of data using a wide range of flow cytometric software. 

TRI is fortunate to have some of the most recently developed flow cytometry hardware housed within the TRI.fcs; the suite also has substantial capacity as to meet our researchers' needs. Ongoing upgrades will maintain all equipment and software at the highest possible level as to remain state-of-the-art.

The suite is supported by three dedicated full time staff with a combined experience greater than 50 years in flow cytometry/cell sorting; several part time staff also support the operations of the TRI.fcs


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Enquiries regarding more detailed information on instrumentation and services can be directed to the Senior Flow Cytometry Scientist:

Dr Lucie Leveque-El Mouttie -  (07) 3443 7772 or [email protected]

To enquire about facility charges please email [email protected] or access the PPMS booking system.

TRI.fcs. Analysis Suite Area - room 4008

TRI.fcs ​room 4027/4027A
In order to get researchers onto instruments, hands on instrument training is supplied by request. Flow staff run a monthly 2-hour 'Introduction to Flow Cytometry' course. This covers what a flow cytometer is, and how to choose dyes, set up panels, gating and compensation. Stay tuned for talks on further topics from company application specialists.
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Please note: Instruments cannot be booked until a certificate has been issued. The certificate represent your level of training/expertise on a particular instrument. 

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