Topical Application of Minimally Invasive, Novel Microbiopsy Device

Study conducted by Dr Prow T (UQ DRC) and Lin L (UQ DRC) in collaboration with Professor H. Peter Soyer (UQ DRC).

Our group has developed a sub-millimetre skin punch biopsy device for minimally invasive and suture-free skin sampling for molecular diagnosis and research. Conventional skin punch biopsies range from 2-4 mm in diameter. Local anaesthesia is required and sutures are usually used to close the wound. Our microbiopsy is 0.50 mm wide and 0.20 mm thick. The design parameters of the device were optimised for molecular analysis using sampled DNA mass as the primary end point in volunteer studies. The optimised device extracted 5.9 ± 3.4 ng DNA and 9.0 ± 10.1 ng RNA. We foresee that minimally invasive molecular sampling will play an increasingly significant role in diagnostic dermatology and skin research.

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