Professor Vicki Clifton


Professorial Research Fellow and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow


Sex specific regulation of fetal-placental inflammation by glucocorticoids

Introduction: There are major sexually dimorphic differences in perinatal morbidity and mortality, yet when considering the health of a human pregnancy, the sex of the fetus is rarely noted. Compared to females, the male fetus is 20% more likely to experience and not survive most complications of pregnancy. Our research has focussed on the role of glucocorticoids in regulating sex specific differences in placental function and fetal growth in the presence of maternal asthma during pregnancy.

Results: In the human placenta, there are sex specific differences in the response to glucocorticoids especially if there is a complication during pregnancy such as maternal asthma. Specifically, in pregnancies complicated by maternal asthma both the male and female fetuses are exposed to higher circulating levels of glucocorticoids. However, only female fetuses reduced their size in response to maternal asthma while male fetuses continued to grow normally in the high glucocorticoid environment.  Cord blood cortisol was negatively correlated with female birthweight, placental cytokine mRNA expression and positively correlated with plasma IGF-BP-1 while there were no such correlations in males even though they were exposed to comparable concentrations of cortisol. Taken together, these data are consistent with the premise that males and females have different sensitivities to glucocorticoids and males appear to induce a state of glucocorticoid resistance that allows them to continue to grow normally in a high glucocorticoid and inflammatory environment. The mechanisms that confer this differential response to glucocorticoid are the focus of our current research. We have now identified a new and novel mechanism of how males and females attain different glucocorticoid sensitivities in pregnancies complicated by asthma. We have found that the human placental trophoblast expresses 12 different isoforms of GR which include known GR isoforms such as GRα A, GRβ, GRα C, GRP, GR A, and GRα D1-3. The data shows that GR isoform expression varies with cell type, cellular location, and by the presence of maternal asthma, growth restriction or fetal sex. From these findings, we identified that males may be glucocorticoid resistant in a high cortisol/inflammatory environment due to the dominant negative effects of GRβ. Females may be more sensitive to glucocorticoids through the co-expression of GRα A with GRα C and GRα-D3. These sex differences in GR expression contribute to significant differences in determining which inflammatory pathways are activated or repressed by glucocorticoids. In female foetuses of asthmatic mothers, the presence of GRα A with GRα C and GRα-D3 results in the upregulation of apoptosis and inflammation in the placenta relative to males and may be one reason why females are more likely to be reduced in size in the presence of maternal asthma.

Discussion: This work suggests that glucocorticoid regulation of inflammation is very complex and dependent on the GR isoform pattern of expression in each tissue. Understanding how changes in the GR proteomic profile between the sexes can drive differences in the regulation of the fetal-placental response to inflammation will contribute significantly to determining the mechanisms that influence sex differences in perinatal outcome.

About me

Professor Vicki Clifton is a National Health and Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellow and was employed at the Robinson Research Institute, School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health at the University of Adelaide (2008-2015) before moving to Brisbane.  In Adelaide she was appointed as the Director of Clinical Research at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide (2009-2014) and her Pregnancy and Development group were based at this site with a research focus on the impact of social disadvantage on pregnancy and fetal growth. Prof Clifton did most of her training at the Mothers and Babies Research Centre in Newcastle, Australia (1991-2007) as a PhD student, postdoctoral fellow and Deputy Director of the Centre (2006-2007). However she also spent some time at the University of Toronto, Canada as a postdoctoral fellow (1995-1997). Prof Clifton is Editor of the Placenta Journal (2012-present) and her wider contributions are related to engagement in the development of guidelines for the treatment of asthma during pregnancy on both a national and international level. She has a background in reproductive endocrinology, immunology, asthma, fetal growth, and maternal and placental physiology. Her research has examined aspects of placental function which has evolved into an investigation of those factors that program fetal development and neonatal adaptation.


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Research fields

pregnancy, placenta, fetus, maternal asthma