Mr Takumi Kobayashi

BSc (Hon)

PhD student


Immunimetabolism in blood cancers

The fitness of the immune system is central to effective and durable therapieutic strategies against diseases including cancers. In blood cancer environments, tumour cells invade the nest of immune cells that play important roles in suppressing tumours. Under this circumstance, the tumour cells can interrupt with immune cell development and function, leading to faulty in immune cell-mediated tumour suppression.

In this project, I will attempt to understand the functional properties of important anti-tumour immune cells, specifically cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells, and also to identify how their functions are linked to their metabolism. This study will uncover important metabolic profiles of the anti-tumour immune cells, and will identidy new targets for blood cancer immunotherapies.

About me

Takumi Kobayashi is a PhD student at TRI researching the immune system and its role in fighting diseases

Research fields

Cancer immunotherapy