Samuel Jesuadian

MS Biotechnology

Research Operations Manager


Line1 retrotrasposan mapping in Mouse and Human Brain

About me

Samuel completed his Master degree in Biotechnology from Griffith University in 2008. Since graduation he has been working in various research institutes and in 2010 he joined with UQ - Faculty of Medicine as a Senior research assistant within Fetal Medicine Group. He worked on discordant placental mRNA expression in complicated monochorionic twins and preclinical optimisation of intrauterine transplantation of fetal mesenchymal stem cells for osteogenesis imperfecta. In 2013 he began working with Mater Research Institute as a SRA within Genome plasticity and diesease group. His research is mainly focused on mapping LINE-1 retrotransposition in mammalian genome. Apart from doing research, Samuel is also helping his team with scientific support; animal colony and laboratory management. 

Research fields

Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Cell Biology