Ms Ramya Movva

BPharm, BPharmaceutSc, MMedRes

PhD student


Mechanism to underpin a novel colonic therapy for colitis:Bacterial metabolism of thioguanine

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

About me

Ramya came to Australia in 2012 with a great desire and interest to pursue a career in Medical Research. She completed her Maters in Medical Research at Griffith University, Gold Coast in 2013. She accomplished High Distinction and was awarded with Griffith Academic Excellence Award for her master’s project, involving analytical method development for methadone to cure cancer pain based at Australian Centre for Pediatric Pharmacokinetics Lab, Mater Hospital, Brisbane. 

In 2014 she was a beneficiary of competitive Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (GURPS) and International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and is currently pursuing her PhD with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Team, Mater Research Institute-University of Queensland, Brisbane and Griffith University, Gold Coast. Her PhD focusses on IBD and investigating mechanisms to underpin novel colonic therapy for colitis using thiopurines. Her work also involves exploring the role of microbiome in IBD through microbiotic manipulations either reliably aggravate colitis or conversely other manipulations improve colitis in C57Bl/6 mouse model strains.

Research fields