Dr Keng Ng

BSc(Med); MBBS (UNSW); MS (UM); FRCS (Urol)(Glasgow)

PhD candidate


    Investigation of biomarkers to aid in the differentiation of renal tumors, especially renal oncocytomas from chromophobe renal cell carcinomas.

    To investigate novel and established molecular biomarkers through the comprehensive analysis of plasma, urine and tissue samples from patients with RCC to distinguish between benign RO and malignant chRCC and other RCC phenotypes.

    chromophobe RCC and renal oncocytoma

    About me

    Graduated from UNSW Med School in 1999 and then returned to Malaysia, where I completed my general surgery and Urology training, culminating in FRCS(Urol)(Glasgow). Interested in all urological diseases and aspects of urological surgeries, with special interest in renal tumours.  



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    Research fields

    Renal tumours