Dr Brian Tse

BMedSc(Hon), DipInnovMan, PhD (all UNSW)

Senior Preclinical Imaging Scientist


About me

Dr Tse is the Senior Scientist of the TRI Preclinical Imaging Facility. He provides expertise to researchers on in vivo imaging in a collaborative manner, including image acquisition, data analysis, experimental design, project development, grant submissions, ethics applications, and publications.

He currently manages eight high-end preclinical imaging instrumentations; 1) Molecubes Beta and X cubes (microPET-CT and microCT), 2) Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (image-guided radiation therapy), 3) Vevo 2100 LAZR (high-frequency ultrasound and photoacoustics), 4)  IVIS Spectrum (optical imaging), 5) Minispec LF50H (nuclear magnetic resonance; NMR), 6) Skyscan 1272 (ultra-high resolution microCT), 7) Ultrafocus 100 (planar X ray), and 8) Wizard 2480 (gamma counting). His facility also supports preclinical radionuclide therapy studies eg lutetium177 (beta emitter) and actinium225 (alpha emitter).

Dr Tse obtained his PhD from the UNSW in 2011 in the field of cancer immunotherapy, where he also gained expertise in cutting-edge imaging modalities (optical imaging, ultrasound and microCT). He then undertook a two-year post-doctoral position at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre in Sydney before moving to Brisbane in 2012 to join QUT to work on several projects including prostate cancer imaging, and elucidating the molecular drivers of disease progression.

Dr Tse has received funding from the USA Department of Defence (Post-doc Fellowship), NHMRC (Project grant) and QUT (ECR grant). In total, he has attracted >$2m in research funding towards imaging infrastructure and research projects. Dr Tse has 28 publications, in journals that include Oncogene, Cell, Theranostics, SmallEuropean Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Research, and Annals of Oncology.  

He has been running the TRI Preclinical Imaging Facility since late 2015, where he employs various imaging capabilities to study in vivo models of disease.

Dr Tse also holds visiting scientist appointments with QUT and UQ.

He also has a Diploma In Innovation Management degree (UNSW).


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Grants and Funding

2016 - present: Multiple infrastructure grants (eg TRI) totaling >$1m. 2016 - 2018: NHMRC Project Grant (CIC) - $561k. 2015: QUT IHBI ECR grant: $10k. 2014 - 2016: USA Department of Defence (DOD) Fellowship: $125k (USD)

Research fields

Preclinical Imaging, Oncology, Immunology, Nanotechnology


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