Associate Professor Aideen McInerney-Leo

PhD Exome sequencing, MSc Genetic Counselling, BSc Human Genetics, FHGSA (Genetic Counselling)

NHMRC Research Fellow

Research Themes

Genetic Medicine


About me

I am a clinician-academic whose interactions with patients have shaped my research questions and fuelled my enthusiasm for the importance of clinical research. I trained as a genetic counsellor and my research now focuses on the integration of genomics into clinical care. My research program has had three primary themes: evaluating the psychosocial impact of genetic conditions and/or genetic testing; evaluating genetics education preferences for patients and healthcare providers; and using next-generation sequencing to increase diagnostic yield for rare disorders.

Current research projects include:

  1. Exploring whether genetic fatalism affects sun-related health behaviours in high-risk individuals following genetic testing.
  2. Exploring the referral journey to genetic services for individuals with rare diseases
  3. Mainstreaming Genetic Testing for Melanoma into Dermatology Practice.
  4. Using Exome sequencing to identify new genes in families with inherited melanoma, negative for mutations in known genes.


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