In this seciton we will feature tools, resources, links, tips and downloads for members of the So Me Club at TRI. In our monthly workshops, we will discuss various techniques for using social networking software. Any elements mentioned in our workshops which can be added here, will be.

Workshop 4 - Management, Monitoring, Moderation and Measurement

The questions we are asked the most are "where do I start?" and "how do I know if it's working?" followed closely by "I don't have time, is there a tool to do that?" To help you find the answers to those questions, we'll introduce you to a few tools and techniques to clarify your goals, set KPI's , find audiences and manage the social media strategy that works for your personal or group brand.

> Tuesday 17th May, Room 2003

Workshop Resources

> Defining Goals Worksheet
> Industry Digital Audit Worksheet
> Your Keyword Worksheet
> Marketing Campaign Worksheet
> Strategic Plan Worksheet
> Strategic Marketing Worksheet
> Values Worksheet


Workshop 3 - Conversation, Controversy & Crisis

Our first 2 workshops focused on the great parts of social media - the  identity performance and the fun content production. Our 3rd meeting was a little more serious with case studies of some of the greatest social media fails. We looked at cases of individuals who have been shamed and attacked because of their online identity and discussed strategies for managing your personal brand to reduce your chances of being involved in controversy.

Crisis in healthcare can range from an outbreak of an infectious disease to a leak from a hospital staff member to the media. It can also include natural disasters or major events which impact the delivery of services. While social media can be responsible for some crisis, it can also help to solve others.

We also looked beyond the controversy to consider what can be learned from the surrounding conversation, and how it might be analyzed to identify risks and opportunities. This will lead us into our next workshop where we will look at monitoring and listening techniques in more depth.

Workshop 2 - Recording Equipment

In our second workshop, we looked at some of the practical tools used to produce content and the equipment available at TRI to do so. We looked at some of the most useful tools for an active online content producer such as selfie sticks, mini tripods, mobile phone holders which attach to tripods, video lights and our in house HD video cam.

Most of this equipment was purchased from Ted's Camera House and most items were under $15 with the mini video light priced at $40.

After learning about the equipment, we interviewed each other and took a walk around the building with Periscope, Twitter's live video platform.

Launch & Workshop 1

> TRI So Me Club launch presentation - Performing Your Digital Self
> How Social Media Shapes Identity | Ulrike Schultze | TEDxSMU
> Social Capital Theory | A/Prof. Alexander Dreiling



> Google Drawing Templates - cloud based desktop publishing software for design of jpg, png & pdf graphics
Pic Resize - Simple online web uploader to resize images

MAYO Social Media in Healthcare Summit - Wrap Up

Our Digital Communications & Marketing Officer attended the first ever MAYO Social Media in Healthcare Summit in Australia, in September 2015.

> Click here for our key takeouts from the event, videos and resources

Social Media Size Guide

To the right is the mother of all social medi asize graphics. Updated in late 2015. We'll update these as the social networks update their sizes. If you notice an item out of date, please email [email protected] so we can update it.


Profile: 400x400 (200x200)
News Feed: Minimum 440 x 220 (2:1)
Up to 4 images at a time


Profile: 180x180 (160x160)
Header: 851 x 315
News Feed: 1200 x 630 (up to 717)


Channel Cover: 2560 x 1440
Video: 1280 x 720 (16:9)


Logo: 110x110
Photos: 1080x1080

Linked In

Profile: 500x500 (200x200)
Page Background Header: 1400 x 425
Hero: 947 x 330
Company Pages Banner: 646 x 220
News Feed:
Logo: 110 x 110



Social Media Sizes - Resources

> Up to date Google Doc with social media sizes from Sprout Social
> Visual Social Media Image Sizes Guide
> Social Media Sizes Guide
> Facebook Ads Manager Official Sizes

Twitter Tools

> TweetDeck - a suite of customisation tools for Twitter
> Symplur - healthcare hashtag stats