Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases

Osteoporosis is a bone condition which causes weakness and brittleness, and fractures occur more easily.

Current research into osteoporosis at TRI includes:

  • Who is more at risk of osteoporosis and fracture? QUT Associate Professor Emma Duncan is working with Professor Matt Brown to investigate the genetics behind fracture susceptibility and risk of the disease.
  • New drug targets to restore lost bone: UQ's Dr John Kemp is using large-scale genomic-wide associated studies to identify drug targets for osteoporosis intervention. This project aims to lead the largest ever genetic study of osteoporosis in half a million individuals, and in doing so, combine statistical and molecular approaches to identify genes that could in future serve as osteoporosis drug targets that restore lost bone. Read more
  • Improving fracture healing in patients with osteoporosis: Mater Research Associate Professor Allison Pettit and her team are undertaking pre-clinical development of therapies that can improve fracture healing outcomes in patients with osteoporisis. Read more

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Key Researchers
Emma Letitia Duncan
Matthew Arthur Brown
Allison Pettit
John Kemp
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