Liver Disease

Various researchers at TRI are investigating manifestation and progression of chronic liver disease to improve diagnosis and treatment options.

Clinical researcher and practicing dietician Dr Ingrid Hickman (Mater-UQ) is investigating the impact of nutrition on features of chronic liver disease, liver failure and liver transplantation. Read more

Professor Elizabeth Powell is a Hepatologist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital leads research into biomarkers for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. She has helped to establish the importance of metabolic risk factors in the progression of chronic liver diseases, and more recently proposed altered hepatic regeneration and the ductular reaction as a potential driver of hepatic fibrosis. Read more.

Mater-UQ's Dr Katharine Irvine is leading research into the therapeutic potential of growth factors to treat fibrosis in chronic liver disease. Read more

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Key Researchers
Elizabeth Powell
Katharine Margaret Irvine
Gerald Holtmann
Ingrid Joy Hickman
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