As a complex network of cells and proteins throughout the body, the immune system helps our body to defend itself against infections.

In some cases, the immune system can be over-active, resulting in an excessive immune response against substances in the environment (such as with allergic reactions) or a response to normal components of the body (such as in autoimmune diseases). 

Researchers at TRI are studying the processes behind immunological disorders such as autoimmune disorders and bone and joint disorders, and ways we can train the immune system to target cancer cells via immunotherapies.

Image: Lymphocyte illustration (Big Stock Photo: urfingus ID123040430)

Key Researchers
Michael McGuckin
Matthew Arthur Brown
Stephen Robert Mattarollo
Tim Wells
Allison Pettit
Antje Blumenthal
David Evans
Graham Robert Leggatt
Kristen Radford
Ranjeny Thomas
Raymond John Steptoe
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Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Diseases
Bone and Joint Diseases
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Blood test for subtropical grass allergies

Blood test for subtropical grass allergies

This allergy blood test project is meeting the need for better diagnosis and treatment for subtropical grass pollen allergy.

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