Research Funding Support

As an institute, TRI brings together innovative and valuable translational research, providing an interface for industry and clinicians with academic innovation to improve healthcare.

On application, TRI will consider requests from TRI-based researchers for funding and/or supporting research grant applications. When deciding whether to provide support, TRI will assess an application against the following criteria:

  1. How the project addresses regional and global challenges, national health research priorities and build upon TRI strategic objectives.
  2. Whether the application enables outcomes that directly benefit TRI as a whole, including through:
  • Clear demonstration that two or more partners/shareholders of TRI are actively and tangibly involved in the proposal. While this could be challenging for fellowship applications, all applicants should strive for this as a part of their career development.
  • Evidence of the translational aspect of the proposal and ideally a clinical linkage and or partner and, where possible identification of opportunities for translation to industry;
  • The capacity building and career development of TRI scientists; in particular support to early career and clinician scientists;
  • Applications need to highlight what is novel about the proposal and what is its value-add as a TRI investment for the TRI community.
  1. The applicants show of previous support of TRI’s activities including acknowledgement of TRI in publications / seminars/ media and participation in training, seminars, workshops and/or committees.

Here's the link to the application form. Apply for support from TRI by contacting [email protected]

Applications need to be made three weeks prior to the submission deadline for the relevant grant applications, and must include:

  1. What is novel about the proposal and what is its value-add as a TRI investment for the TRI community.
  2. Previous funding requests to TRI (successful or not) to the same or a different funding body.
  3. How the application meets each of the criteria against which it will be assessed by TRI.
  4. Support from the Institute Director of the primary applicant.