TRI Podcasts

The TRI Podcast series features audio programs about medical research from clinicians and researchers based at the Translational Research Institute. Episodes range from 10 - 30 minutes and will expand to feature the work of all researchers based at TRI to keep you up to date with the latest in medical research discoveries.

Clinical Translation in Dietetics

Listen to Dr Ingrid Hickman interview past winners of MTR, a dietetics translation award program run every year since TRI opened. These practicing clinicians have identified a need for research projects to inform evidence based practice improvements. Hear from 3 winners about their translation projects and how this has adjusted their process in working with patients.

Amy Nevin - People's Choice Award 2014

Ingrid talks with Amy Nevin from the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Winner of the People's Choice award in the inaugural 2014 MTR Awards for her role in implementing the use of technology for best dietetic practice in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and how it has taken her around the world to share her findings.

MElissa Gilroy and Denise page - Winners MTR Award 2015

Ingrid talks with Melissa Gilroy and Denise Page from the Mater Hospital, Winners of the 2015 MTR Award for their joint work on the Research Into Practice Early Nutrition (RIPEN) Project, making a real impact on infant nutrition.

Clare Dux - Most Collaborative award 2016

Ingrid talks with Clare Dux from the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Winner of the 2016 MTR Most Collaborative Award discussing her multidisciplinary project to successfully implement enteral feeding protocols.


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Researcher Interviews

There's over 800 researchers under the TRI roof, from our 4 partner institutes (QUT IHBI, UQ FOM, UQ DI, PAH), working on a wide variety of projects. This section is in progress, so if you're a researcher and you'd like to be interviewed for a podcast, please email online at tri dot edu dot au.

Interview, phd candidate Nathan Tosh

C&M's Emily talks to Nathan Tosh about his research project on children's head injury in sport. Nathan is part of the imaging research team working on projects including diagnostics and biomarkers for PTSD, breast cancer and brain injury.

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Climb For Cancer - Team Interviews

More than 60 researchers have joined us the past 2 years for our Climb For Cancer campaign. This year we interviewed a few teams about their research work, why they are prepared to climb 810 stairs and what their lab groups do with the money raised by the Mater Foundation.

The Intern Series

As part of the Queensland University of Technology's Creative Industries internship program, Carly Booth joined our Communications and Marketing Team at TRI for a 100 hour internship to complete her dual degree. Carly is studying both a Bachelor of Media and Communication and a Bachelor of Nutrition Science to qualify her for a 'bridge' career in science communication. TRI Social Media Club member and Princess Alexandra Hospital clinician Dr Ingrid Hickman is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Clinician Researcher looking to increase her experience in science communication, so we collaborated on a podcast series using Carly's unique knowledge of both communication and nutrition science. Below we feature episodes recorded by Carly and Ingrid during the 100 hour internship which took place in September and October 2016. 

Intern Series: EPISODE 1

Bridge Careers in Translational Research

TRI Digital Comms and Marketing Officer Carla interviews QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman about their plans for the podcast series and the importance of bridge careers in nutrition healthcare. The trio discuss the challenges involved for researchers and clinicians in bridging the communication gap to the general public, suggesting that future career paths will include bridge roles requiring both communication and science skills.

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Intern Series: EPISODE 2

Dr Ingrid Hickman talks Liver Disease

In this podcast QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman discuss Ingrid's primary research area of liver disease. Highlighting the complexities as well as the progression of liver disease, Ingrid's unique and detailed knowledge of the topic is put on display. Identifying the underlying factors surrounding liver disease, this podcast is full of great information. 

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Intern Series: EPISODE 3

Communicating stem cell research

The Intern Series takes a slightly different direction this week with a special guest, Ena Music, who talks to Carly about her work in communicating stem cell research. Ena is a PhD student at TRI who recently won a contest from visual animation company Animated biomedical Productions to produce an animation to explain the process of collecting stem cells and storing stem cells. Ena is the Brisbane organiser of Pint of Science, a regular Tweeter, TRI social media club member and an all around champion of science communication. 

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Upcoming | Intern Series: EPISODE 4

How Nutrition & Dietetics benefit Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential practice within the research space, particularly here at the Translational Research Institute with 2 clinical research facilties - one at the PAH and another at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. In this podcast QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman discuss the critical role that nutrition and dietetics plays within the clinical trial process. Also highlighting the realities that researchers often face, Ingrid explores how research participants are recruited.

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Intern Series: EPISODE 5

Is Coffee Protective of Liver Cirrhosis?

The loved and sometimes addictive beverage is up for dicussion in this podcast, as QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman explore the current hype within the media regarding the potential health benefits of coffee consumption for liver cirrhosis. For all of the coffee lovers out there, we'll find out from Ingrid, our very own primary source, whether these claims are actually true.

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Intern Series: EPISODE 6

Dietary Methodology in Clinical Research from Blue Zone Diets to the Mediterranean Diet

In this podcast QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman explore the ways in which dietary methodologies are measured and used across the globe. Discussing all things from Blue Zone Diets to the popular Mediterranean Diet, Ingrid highlights what we can learn from different cuisines and how they may be of benefit to clinical research.

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Upcoming | Intern Series: EPISODE 7

blood cancer RESEARCH and communication accuracy

Moving to UQDI at TRI this year from Victoria, Dr Chris Slape is a blood cancer researcher. While his main area of expertise is Leukaemia, we put Chris on the spot to ask him about another blood cancer, "Myeloma" after the recent death of cricket legend Max Walker was incorrectly attributed to the similar sounding "Melanoma". Carly and Chris discuss the importance of accuracy in reporting medical science and the roles of researcher and journalist in the process while we get to know a bit about the work Chris does in his lab.


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