The Intern Series - Dr Ingrid Hickman Talks Liver Disease

In this episode of The Intern Series, QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman discuss Ingrid's primary research area of liver disease.

The progression of liver disease is complex but Ingrid takes us through the underlying factors of obesity and diabetes whereby diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices can impact on the severity and the development of liver disease.

Metabolic mechanisms of insulin resistance, fatty liver disease as well as liver fibrosis and cirrhosis all contribute to the dynamic progression of liver disease. Ultimately leading to liver failure and transplantation, diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices can also impact patients post liver transplantation.

Dr Hickman has been mentored by and worked with leading professionals such as PA Hospital's Professor Elizabeth Powell and Professor John Prins in the area of liver disease, diabetes and metabolic health.

"It was initially Elizabeth who really believed that engaging with allied health, particularly dietetics, was important to achieving good clinical care."

The Princess Alexandra Hospital is well known for its liver transplant program, where Ingrid’s nutrition research regarding recipient’s metabolic health plays an important role. In this podcast, Ingrid delves into each of these metabolic mechanisms and also looks at how clinical research plays a role in the field of liver disease.

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The difference between a healthy liver and a liver
suffering from cirrhosis

The Intern Series:
Dr Ingrid Hickman Talks Liver Disease


Keywords: liver disease, cirrhosis, insulin resistance, fatty liver, obesity, metabolic diseases, diabetes, dietetics, nutrition, liver transplant