A Day In The Life Of Dr Ingrid Hickman

QUT Intern Carly Booth and Clinician Researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman take a look at Ingrid's busy schedule, giving an insight into a day in her life.

TRI based researcher Dr Ingrid Hickman wears quite a few hats within her professional career, as a Principal Research Fellow and Director of Research with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Mater Research Institute-UQ. Also, as an Advanced Practicing Dietitian, she is able to combine her areas of expertise to conduct relevant research within her field of nutrition and dietetics. Moving from a professional to a more personal perspective, she is also a mum to young children. 


With quite a few things to keep her busy, in this podcast Ingrid chats about her current commitments and what a typical day in her shoes looks like. Taking us through the highs and lows of her career, Ingrid lets us in on some tips and tricks that she’s learnt along the way to balance her busy schedule and maintain a work-life balance. Ingrid also gives some great advice for students, early career researchers and those considering a career within the research field.

Take a listen to this podcast to see what it's like as a day in the life of researcher and dietitian Dr Ingrid Hickman.

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Dr Ingrid Hickman

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A Day In The Life Of Dr Ingrid Hickman