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Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 17:15

The Federal Government has announced the remaining NHRMC funding grants this week with a number of TRI based researchers in the recipient list. Included in the recipient list is a project that is evaluating renal masses using magnetic resonance imaging as a part of TRI’s flagship Imaging program.

The research will use state of the art MRI technology located at the PA Hospital to identify renal masses with the aim of distinguishing renal tumours that are benign from aggressive renal tumours.

Right now invasive biopsies involving removal of part of the effected kidney is the standard procedure.  In the long term it is hoped this project will be able to diagnose renal cancer without having to perform an operation.

So far the 2017 NHMRC Grant Application Round has seen more than $877 million awarded to fund health and medical research, this includes 1103 new grants to universities, medical research institutions and hospitals across Australia.

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The following TRI based researchers from our partner institutes have been awarded grants:

Dr Felicity Davis, Career Development Fellowship,  RD Wright Biomedical CDF, Identifying and exploiting novel pharmacological targets for breast cancer University of Queensland,

Dr Sumaira Hasnain, Career Development Fellowships, RD Wright Biomedical CDF Targeting Immunopathology in Chronic Diseases, University of Queensland

Mr Haolu Wang, Early Career Fellowships (Australia) Peter Doherty Biomedical ECF Efficacious targeting of therapeutic stem cells to diseased livers, University of Queensland

Dr Tushar Kumeria, Early Career Fellowships (Australia) Peter Doherty Biomedical ECF Bioresponsive Porous Silicon for Site Specific Oral Delivery of Antibodies for the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, University of Queensland

A/Pr Vicki Clifton, Research Fellowships Research Fellowship, Improving outcomes in pregnancies complicated by asthma: understanding mechanisms and defining interventions, University of Queensland

Prof Jean-Pierre Levesque, Research Fellowships, Stem cell niches: Biology and therapeutic, University of Queensland

Prof David Evans, Research Fellowships, Developing and applying statistical genetics methods to identify genes, molecular biomarkers and environmental agents that causally affect risk of complex musculoskeletal diseases, University of Queensland

Prof Selena Bartlett, Standard Project Grant, Tackling obesity by reducing sugar consumption, Queensland University of Technology

Prof Geoffrey Faulkner, Standard Project Grant Hyperactive mobile DNA in schizophrenia, University of Queensland

Prof Carolyn Mountford, Standard Project Grant, Evaluation of Renal Masses Using Magnetic Resonance, Universityi of Queensland

A/Pr Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Standard Project Grant, Fighting epidermal skin cancers by targeting epidermal clones that accumulate mutations, University of Queensland

Prof John Upham, Standard Project Grant, Understanding how azithromycin prevents exacerbations in severe asthma, University of Queensland

Prof Jean-Pierre Levesque, Standard Project Grant Increasing haematopoietic stem cell mobilisation by targeting a novel niche factor, University of Queensland

A/Pr Allison Pettit, Standard Project Grant, Osteal macrophages as therapeutic targets for fracture repair, University of Queensland

Prof Maher Gandhi Project Grants Standard Project Grant Integrating immunity and genetics in Follicular Lymphoma to establish a prognostic score fit for the modern era, University of Queensland

A/Pr Antje Blumenthal, Standard Project Grant Enhancing host defence mechanisms in severe bacterial infections, University of Queensland

Dr Felicity Davis, Project Grants-New Investigator Grant, Identifying and exploiting novel pharmacological targets for breast cancer treatment, University of Queensland