TrendBio Software Demo & Wound Healing Assay Launch

Join TrendBio for a training session for the HoloMonitor M4. 

Instrument Overview, Wound Healing/Cell Migration Assay Launch, Q&A 

10:30am –11:00am
Hands-on Instrument time, Software Demonstration

The HoloMonitor M4 is a time-lapse cytometer which allows biologically relevant monitoring of live cells in culture with automatic daughter cell tracking and visualisation, so no need for special tags/dyes, or synchronisation of cell growth. From recorded time-lapse sequences, the software aids the user to easily extract individual cell data or population data. Individual cell data — cell count, cell morphology, cell velocity, migration, motility and cell division rate — can be used to help answer a number of questions.

The HoloMonitor Wound Healing Assay reveals data not only on a cell population level in terms of gap closure, but also on an individual cell level. Cells at the edge of the gap can be tracked and detailed, non-biased data on migration into the wound area easily achieved. 

Cell cycle kinetics, migration, motility, morphology changes, wound healingassay, gap closure over time, cell front velocity, toxicology/dose-response studies, proliferation, daughter cell tracking, cell division rate, cell trails….

> Trend Bio Wound Healing Flyer
> Trend Bio Holomonitor M4

Please RSVP to Jaimie Mulders, TrendBio
0435 882 707
[email protected]