23 Apr 2018 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Medical Grand Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds are held every Monday, with every 4th session held in the TRI auditorium and remaining sessions held at the Russell Strong Auditorium at the PA Hospital. It is highly recommended that translational researchers attend these sessions to learn about the processes and challenges of clinicians in a hospital environment. Sessions start at 12:15pm with a light lunch served prior at 12 noon.

Date Chair Presenter 1 Presenter 2 Location
23 April 2018 Dr Paul Varghese 12:15pm: Dr Joann Rotherham - Acute Pain Service; 'Opiate Stewardship - What is it and why we need it'  12:45pm: Dr Erin McMeniman - Dermatology; 'Update on risk factors for melanoma, the role of genotype and the future of melanoma screening' Russell Strong Auditorium PAH 
16 April  Dr David Mudge 12:15pm Dr Jennifer Thoreau (Case) Dr Paul Garrahy (Data) - Cardiology 'Current treatment and outcomes for Acute myocardial infarction @ PAH Russell Strong Auditorium PAH
9 April Dr David Looke 12:15pm Dr Cancdice Holland - Infectious disease; ‘It’s all in your head’ 12:45pm Dr Laura Clarke & Lisa Gillinder - Neurology; ‘Seizure Management Protocol Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
26 March A/Prof Ruth Hubbard Dr Akhil Gupta - Diabetes/Endocrine; 'What is the cause of that low salt?' Dr Xenia Caney - Peri-Op Medicine; 'We don't like surprises: Neuromuscular disorders in the perioperative medicine' Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
19 March Dr Ian Scott Dr Jill Parkes-Smith (Sexual Health) & Dr Andrew Lee (Gastroenterology) present 'A Fatal Duo'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
12 March Dr Paul Varghese Dr Trevor Watkins, - Radiology; 'Imaging the deceased'  Dr Jenny Jones & Dr Michael Wagels - Clinical Ethics; 'Behind the scenes of PAH's 3D printed tibia implant: Clinical Ethics considerations'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH 
5 March  Dr David Mudge 12:15pm-1:15pm: Professor Bala Venkatesh - Intensive Care 'ADRENAL Trial The story from NHMRC to NEJM'  TRI Auditorium 
26 Feb Dr David Looke 12:15pm: Dr Clair Sullivan, Dr Anthony Russell and Dr Geoffrey Playford - Digital Hospital; 'Medical informatics at PAH'  12:45pm: Dr Sean Lawrence - Emergency Medicine, 'Error Wisdom'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
19 Feb A/Prof Ruth Hubbard

12:15pm: Dr Malcolm Wilson  - Respiratroy; 'Waiting for the Flu'

12:45pm: Dr Sebastian Le Feuvre - Sleep Medicine; 'When breathing through the mouth is better'  Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH
5 Feb 2018 Dr Paul Varghese

12:15pm: A/Prof Ruth Hubbard, Joeanne Cignoli and Prof Len Gray. PA-Southside Clinical Unit; 'Information on professional development for teaching clinicians'

In this special Medical Grand Rounds Information Session, benefits of the event will be introduced to the audience. 

12:45pm: Dr Peter Wood and Dr Claire Robinson - Haematology; 'Too much fo a good thing?' TRI Auditorium