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Friday, September 4, 2015 - 16:30

Wrap Up - MAYO Social Media in Healthcare Summit 2015

This week our Digital Communications & Marketing Officer attended the first ever MAYO Social Media in Healthcare Summit in Australia, lucky enough for it to be in our city of Brisbane just as we were  sinking our teeth into our digital communications strategy for 2016.

On this page are some of the key learnings from the event which relate to the TRI strategic goals, and below is a list of links to summaries of the event, and articles written by other attendees covering their experience of the event.

> MayoInOz, the numbers

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> Article: Top 8 Takeaways from the MAYO Summit Day 1
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> Photos: Flickr gallery of official photos from the MAYO Social Media in Oz Summit
> Presentation: Patient 2.0: Wired For Health - Slideshare presentation by Marie Ennis-O'Connor

> Article: Curate Credible Conversation


Opening Keynote

On Tuesday Sept 1, 2015 Dr. Farris Timimi and Lee Aase delivered the opening keynote address at Mayo Clinic's first International Healthcare and Social Media Summit in Brisbane.

The Healthcare Hashtag Project - Symplur

A collection of hashtags, monitored and analysed, then published in nicely organised pages showing key influencers and useful research data such as volume of posts on a chat hashtag (such as #LCSM) or a disease (such as #diabetes). It's also an easy way to find relevant accounts to follow.

"The goal of the Healthcare Hashtag Project is to make the use of Twitter more accessible for providers and the healthcare community as a whole. By lowering the learning curve of Twitter with a database of relevant hashtags to follow, we hope to help new and existing users alike to find the conversations that are of interest and importance"

> Blog entry about this social project
> Healthcare Hashtag Project Summary


"Don't give social to gavin"

Social media is the front of house contact point for your business, but in an environment rich with challenges. Simon Trilsbach from Hootsuite told us "Don't leave social to Gavin", highlighting an experience he's witnessed all too often where organisations leave their most important communication tool to the least experience employee - often the intern!

"If it's just on you, thats not the way to do things"

Simon works for a software company, Hootsuite, which allows us to manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. It has an excellent free tool with limited features and a range of pricing models for the extra features. Social media isn't a skill, or a job title, it's the digital extension of the personalities of your staff. Almost everyone has social skills. Almost everyone has some level of technology skills. Almost everyone should be involved in social media.

> Simon Trilsbach Twitter: simontrilsbach


The Archetype Wheel

The concept of identity performance can also be considered through a story-telling framework, which involves the use of archetypes, or personality types grouped by similar traits. In the case of a corporate or individual professional, trying to establish a brand identity the wheel can be applied as illustrated by Kristina Garla, the Marketing and Digital Strategy Manager at Epworth HealthCare, where she is responsible for the organisation’s branding, advertising, service marketing and digital marketing direction.

"I am accountable for defining and delivering Epworth’s social media strategy, including fostering a digital culture... The archetype wheel can be an extremely useful tool for helping guide the development of your digital brand."

> Twitter: kristweetina
> Article: Using the archetype wheel to build a well rounded digital brand

Legal Social Media Policy from Hugh Stephens

The guidelines for advertising regulated health services in Australia are different to the United States so many of the topics were difficult to translate to our system. To be clear, here's a sample social media policy from Hugh Stephens, the Social Media Coordinator at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - See more at about Hugh at:


The Good Kind of Viral

Video is the flavour of the week in social media. The right formula at the right time, supported by the right key influencers, can bring you lots of views in a short time, while also maintaining an archive for ongoing audiences.

This video of a team of hospital staff dancing to the hit "Moves Like Jagger" continues to be viewed by audiences all over the world because it puts a human face on a stressful environment, giving the audience a point of connection.

> View video on YouTube
> Summary video for MAYO competition

Video Paper

A way of organising the information for patients before and after major surgery, video paper is a MAYO Clinic innovation that shows the simple ideas we are familiar with can be integrated with technology. Quality content showing patients what to do to prepare for surgery, how to get there, where to go in the hospital through virtual tours, and a carers guide on how to care for a post-surgery patient.

> Download a PDF example of "Total Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery"
> MAYO introduces us to "VideoPaper"

Wendy Sue Swanson MD - Mom, Pediatrician, Exec Dir of Digital Health (Seattle Children's), author & KING5 News reporter.

"with social media I can listen, and learn so much about where myth is being created."

Advocate for Social Media in Healthcare, SeattleMamaDoc presented with a number of interesting case studies including a Twitter storm using the hashtag #measlestruth and stats from her own experiences running digital health services in a children's hospital. The presentation, first up on the first day, was a highlight of the event getting the audience warmed up. The above video of a TEDx presentation features similar content about social media from the perspective of the US doctor.

"Social Media is no longer innovative."
Sheree Bekker
(Curate Credible Conversation)