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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 12:15

Wrap Up - 2017 Translational Poster Symposium

On Monday 31st July, TRI’s PhD Student committee hosted our 5th annual poster symposium with more than 90 participants showing posters or delivering oral presentations. Winners were selected in the categories Cause, Prevention and Therapy, representing 3 key stages of translational research.

The 2017 event attracted submissions from all 4 TRI partners, along with several other leading Brisbane institutes and universities including Bond University, Kings College, QIMR Berghofer, RBWH and CSIRO alongside UQ's AIBN, PACE, IMB and QBI. 

The variety of work presented shows the promising translational and core science being undertaken by TRI based students and early career researchers. Presenters were encouraged to illustrate how their core research connects to a translational project, or to present a translational project that is already underway. 


Congratulations to the following prize recipients:

Oral Presentations

  • Winner Oral Presentation: Ms Ramya Movva, PhD Student, MMRI-UQ
  • Runner Up Oral Presentation: Gregory Quaife-Ryan, PhD Student , School of Biomedical Sciences UQ
  • Best translational talk: Benson Lei, PhD student, SOM UQ



  • Student winner: Pulari Thangavelu, UQ DI
  • Student Runner Up: Johanna Erbani, MMRI UQ
  • Professional Winner: Camila Xi Yang, UQ DI


  • Student winner: Amelia Fotheringham, MMRI UQ
  • Student Runner Up: Shuichi Suetani, SOM UQ
  • Professional Winner: Philip Mosley, QIMR


  • Student winner: Bakani Butale, QIMR
  • Student Runner Up: Wilson Nguyen, QIMR
  • Professional Winner: Dan Siskind, PAH

The outdoor poster hall in the TRI atrium


Thank you to our partners UQ, QUT, PAH & MMR and sponsors Eppendorf, Thermofisher Scientific, Labtek, Lonza, Macrogen, Australian Biosearch, Bio Scientific, Genesearch, Biolegend, AGRF and Stemcell for supporting the 2017 Translational Poster Symposium.