Publish Date: 
Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 10:45

TRI welcomes new Musculoskeletal Genomics Group

TRI is home to the new Mater Research Musculoskeletal Genomics Group, with its focus firmly on discovering new therapeutic targets for musculoskeletal disorders.

Led by Mater Research Group Leader Dr John Kemp, the researchers are developing ways to identify cells regulating the skeleton as well as defining the genes, and possible drug targets, controlling the function of these cells.

Dr Kemp said his research vision for the Group was to accelerate the development of new treatments for musculoskeletal disorders.

“In particular we’re investigating the genetics of osteoporosis, which is a debilitating condition in which our skeleton loses bone, becomes weak, and is prone to fracture,” he said.

“I anticipate that many of the cellular and genetic mechanisms uncovered by our research will inform the development of new therapeutics for osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal disorders.”

Dr Kemp has published numerous papers on osteoporosis genetics and has identified more than 500 regions in the human genome that are associated with osteoporosis susceptibility. His success is largely attributable to collaborations with clinicians, cell biologists and genetic epidemiologists from several international research groups, as well as support from the NHMRC, Wellcome Trust, ASBMR, and Lions Dunning-Orlich Foundation.