Publish Date: 
Thursday, June 29, 2023 - 10:45

TRI Announces 2023 Translation Fellowships

The Translational Research Institute (TRI) has awarded four Translation Fellowships to early and mid-career researchers.

The 12-month Fellowships, valued at $20,000 each, were launched in 2023 as part of TRI’s flagship Translation Pathways program.

The Fellowships provide six months of translation coaching to further a translational project, attendance at a training program to help advance their translational development, and automatic acceptance into the TRI Translational Pathways 2023 workshops.

TRI CEO, Professor Scott Bell, said the Fellowships were created to provide high-impact support and training to further develop future translational research leaders at TRI.

“At TRI, we are committed to supporting our early and mid-career researchers as well as fostering exceptional research with the potential to improve the health outcomes of Australians through research translation,” said Professor Bell.

The inaugural Translation Fellowships are not only new to TRI but to the Australian medical research landscape, so we’re delighted to be able to give our researchers a unique advantage.”

The Translation Fellowships were open to TRI-based early or mid-career researchers/clinician-researchers, with a Fellowship awarded to researchers within TRI’s partners; The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Mater Research and Queensland Health.

“We received 10 highly competitive applications for the Fellowships, which made the selection process difficult, however, on behalf of the TRI Board and Shared Leadership Committee, I offer our congratulations to the four successful recipients. It will be exciting to see their careers, and research progress through the Fellowships,” said Professor Bell.

2023 TRI Translation Fellowship recipients



TRI Partner Institution

Dr Ming Tang

Research Fellow, Skin Cancer Immunotherapy Group

UQ Frazer Institute, The University of Queensland

Dr Sónia Troeira Henriques

Senior Lecturer & Group Leader, Peptide Therapeutics and Membrane Biology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Dr Ran Wang

Career Track Fellow, Bushell Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stem Cell and Cancer Group

Mater Research

Dr Justyna Ostrowski

Paediatric Oncologist

Queensland Children’s Hospital