Publish Date: 
Friday, February 22, 2019 - 09:00

TRI Mentoring committee - Speed mentoring

The TRI Mentoring Committee, facilitated by Katharina Noske (Postdoctoral Researcher, UQ) and Mitch Sullivan (Research Officer, Mater Research), held an interactive networking event which involved a series of short conversations between each mentee and mentor, providing an excellent opportunity to meet and learn the secrets of their success.

A short summary of the event:

  • 10 industry mentors from different areas: CEOs of small companies/start-ups, communication and marketing, commercialisation, clinical trials
  • 10 selected mentees across TRI (3rd year PhD students and ECRs)
  • Mentees rotating to each of the mentors for 5 minute conversations
  • Very engaged, contacts were exchanged and plans made for follow-up and further mentoring commitments
  • Conversation continued after the session
  • Very positive feedback from both mentors and mentees
  • Some fruitful relationships were forged for ongoing mentoring

For any questions please contact Katharina Noske via email - [email protected]