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Friday, July 27, 2018 - 09:30

FRESH SCIENCists pitch their 1 minute ideas

Over 80 people attended the Fresh Science Competition at the Queensland Museum on Monday night to hear eleven up-and-coming Queensland researchers pitch their ideas. 

Fresh Science is held across Australia and is designed to help scientist communicate their research to the public and media, giving participants practical training for two days and a platform to practice their public speaking. The finale of the program is a competition where the participants pitch their science idea or project to a live audience in the time it takes a sparkler to burn down. 

Three TRI based researchers were part of this year’s cohort: Nathalie Bock (QUT), Farhana Matid (QUT, pictured right) and Arutha Kulasinghe (QUT) who did an exceptional job at communicating their research clearly and jargon free while having to hold a burning sparkler!

Some of the other topics included; tropical tree memory, microplastics in wastewater, supervision in health, and the winning topic - computer simulations of joints. 

TRI Speakers

Nathalie Bock Bioengineered tumors in a dish

Arutha Kulasinghe  Precision medicine through immunotherpahy

Farhana Matid Better diagnosing prostate cancer by finding biomarkers

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