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Monday, June 29, 2020 - 12:30

QUT Internships at TRI help Year 12s Focus STEM Ambitions

The rigorous program develops students' technical, leadership and critical thinking skills through a suite of on-campus practical learning, professional development and external assessment.

As interns, students are provided the opportunity to expand their skill sets beyond the classroom and explore future career ambitions with like-minded peers - all before university!

One student whose passion for science and health has taken her to this step is Sarah McDonald from Ayr State High School in far North Queensland. Recently awarded the North Queensland Young Volunteer Award, Sarah will spend her second week of holidays working with the QUT Prostate Cancer group at TRI after being selected as one of 40 students in the state to attend.

Sarah said the internship would see her grow prostate cancer and then use the drugs that they have come up with so far to understand why they're not working and is then tasked with presenting her findings to the research scientists.

"I am from a really rural area and a girl going into Stem is very controversial and so I just think to get into this program and continuing on with all the restrictions and making adjustments to get us all down there, I am really excited for it", she said.

Burdekin Advocate, Ayr originally published this article.

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