Publish Date: 
Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - 17:30


TRI has announced the recipients of the inaugural OneTRI Awards.

The awards were established by the TRI Shared Leadership Committee to celebrate those members of our community who live the TRI values and actively promote a OneTRI culture.

Congratulations to the winners (pictured right with members of the Committee), and thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination. The Shared Leadership Committee was heartened that so many members of our community sought to have their peers recognised. 

Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo was recognised for her leadership, her clinical and research excellence, and for being a highly collaborative and engaged member of our community. Aideen took a leading role in establishing TRI’s inaugural Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention week. She is also a member of the TRI Clinical Alliance Network and the Metro South Human Research Ethics Committee.

TRI Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention (SHAP) Committee, which includes Aideen McInerney-Leo from UQ; Peta Scott from Mater; Paul Dall’Alba from Metro South; Selena Bartlett, Theresa Lauf, and Gabrielle O’Brien from QUT; and Helen Benham, Kirsten Kiel-Chisholm, Rod Yeo, and Siobhan Barry from TRI. This multi-partner committee exemplified the OneTRI culture by collaborating to ensure the TRI community is safer, more inclusive and more respectful.

TRI Childcare Committee, whose members are Clare Primiero and Antje Blumenthal from UQ; Aaron Smith from QUT; Dorothy Loo-Oey, Michelle Richards and Amanda Kocaj from TRI; and Sumaira Hasnain from Mater. The Childcare Committee worked collaboratively to introduce an on-site vacation care program at TRI during the July and September school holidays. This highly successful program made it easier for many working parents to juggle competing demands, and by doing so, helped make TRI a more positive and welcoming workplace.

SPARQ-ed Program, which includes Charmaine Keal, Jessica Malcolm and Lily White. The team has shown leadership in their adaptability during the pandemic to switch to remote learning, and in their subsequent drive to re-establish SPARQ-ed with onsite learning after a one-year break. They have shown integrity, knowledge and excellence in the quality of the experiences and resources they provide. The team consistently works collaboratively with many different groups and researchers across the Institute.

TRI Scientific Services Team, which includes Andrew Cumming, Lesa Ostini, Mary Wang, Benedette Watson, Joanne Leerberg, Richard Linedale and Adam Heterick. The team was recognised for their professionalism and for going above and beyond to support researchers. The nominations described the team as knowledgeable and solution-oriented, searching for outcomes that balance operational realities with researchers’ needs.

TRI Workplace Health and Safety Team, which includes James Lynch, Lorraine Caldwell and Jessica Ineson. They were acknowledged for their efforts to support TRI’s research and operations, and for their innovative and collaborative approach. The team epitomises the TRI values by demonstrating excellence and integrity, by offering support, and leading by example.