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Friday, October 13, 2017 - 09:00


The Turnbull Government is investing over $200 million in world-leading medical research projects to improve the lives of patients battling cancers, mental health illnesses and chronic disease.

Congratulations to the following TRI based researchers from our partner institutes who have been awarded grants in this round:

  • Dr Melinda Martin-Khan (University of Qld - School of Medicine)
  • Dr Felicity Davis (Mater Medical Research)
  • Dr Sumaira Hasnain (Mater Medical Research)
  • Mr Haolu Wang (University of Qld - Diamantina Institute)
  • Dr Tushar Kumeria (Mater Medical Research)
  • A/Pr Vicki Clifton  (Mater Medical Research)
  • Prof Jean-Pierre Levesque  (Mater Medical Research)
  • Prof David Evans (University of Qld - Diamantina Institute)

In addition to this significant investment in medical research, the Turnbull Government is providing $5 million to CanTeen under the Medical Research Future Fund Accelerated Research program to improve access to cutting edge breakthroughs for adolescents and young adults with cancer.

The investment in CanTeen will facilitate new clinical trials into cancer types with the highest death rates for adolescents and young adults.

This builds on our recent commitments of $20 million for the Zero Childhood Cancer initiative, $13 million for clinical trials for rare cancers and rare diseases under the MRFF Lifting Clinical Trials and Registries Capacity program and $5.8 million to Cancer Australia to fight childhood cancers.

The $202 million in funding announced today includes over $40 million for cancer research, including in areas like melanoma research.

Over $29 million will be invested into mental health research, almost $23 million for cardiovascular disease research, $8 million for diabetes research and $5 million for obesity research.

Improving the health of Indigenous Australians is a priority with $15.5 million for new research.

Over $15 million in funding will be targeted at research projects that support Australians who suffer severe injuries.               

A total of 326 research projects will be funded at a cost of more than $197 million under the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

And a further 13 Fellowships have been allocated $5.64 million under the $8 million MRFF Next Generation Clinical Researcher Fellowship program,which supports Australia’s new and up and coming research talent.

These grants will increase clinical research capacity in the health and medical research workforce, providing greater opportunities for more breakthroughs.

A full list of grant recipients is available on the NHMRC website:

Information on the Medical Research Future Fund and grant recipients can be found at

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