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Friday, August 31, 2018 - 11:30

Nature to lead fight against tuberculosis

Source: MyScience.Org, 24 August 2018 

A team of Queensland researchers developing new antibiotics to treat tuberculosis has been awarded $1.45 million by the US Department of Defense.

The three-year multidisciplinary project is a collaboration between The University of Queensland’s Associate Professor Antje Blumenthal, Professor Rob Capon and Professor David Fairlie.

Dr Blumenthal said the new antimicrobials originated from naturally occurring compounds.

“Tuberculosis is the world’s leading cause of death due to a single bacterium, and the incidence of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis is very concerning,” she said.

“Approximately 10 million cases of tuberculosis are diagnosed annually, with the disease causing 1.7 million deaths every year."

“There is a desperate need for new antibiotics and other new treatment options.”

Dr Blumenthal said management of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis could take up to two years, compared to six to nine months for drug-sensitive tuberculosis.

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Associate Professor
Antje Blumenthal